History And Belief System Of Mormonism

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History and Belief system of Mormonism

History and Belief system of Mormonism


The paper discusses the concept and theology of the Mormonism in a holistic context. It attempts to highlight the beliefs, rituals, ethics, material expressions, sacredness and other notable characteristics of Mormons. The paper emphasizes on the concept of Mormonism and attempts to present it in a different perspective.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints began in 1819, when Joseph Smith, a fourteen-year-old New York had a vision of an angel who ordered him to be a fair and honest person telling you that later would to give him, if she was worthy of it, some gospels that nobody until then had had no news (Bradley, 2002).

In 1827, Joseph Smith received a few books, written in golden pages, which recounted the story of Abraham's descendants, to the evil that reigned in the land, decided to leave Palestine. Obeying the orders of God, Nephi and his family traveled to the Red Sea where he built a boat that took them through seas and oceans to American shores (Bringhurst & Smith, 2005).

They lived there for centuries and among them was evil to which God punished dark skin. They are the ancestors of today's Indians. When Jesus rose from death on the cross, he moved to America and remained there for forty days preaching until he left to appear to the apostles in Palestine before ascending to heaven (Rogers, 2010).

The sins of the Nephites, however, were very large and were not spared from extermination at the hands of the Lamanites (the Redskins) several centuries later. Joseph Smith translated the books into English before returning the originals to the angel Moroni and published them in 1830 and began preaching a new doctrine (Bringhurst & Smith, 2005). The church he founded was found with the radical opposition of his contemporaries, were persecuted, vilified and even jailed. Joseph Smith was killed in a lynching and his faithful people, led by Brigham Young, left the eastern cities to head west (Rogers, 2010).

In one of the largest caravans that never in history have done, thousands of Mormons, occupying hundreds of wagons crossed deserts, grasslands and mountains up to settle in Utah, where they founded Salt Lake City. There they remained safe from its religious enemies and from there, years later; they sent their preachers to all nations (Bradley, 2002).

Belief System

According to the Mormons, there is a “Trinity” consisting of God the Father and Son. At the time of creation formed the souls of all persons born and unborn, those souls occupy the bodies at the time of conception and after death expect the Day of Judgment, when all souls will be judged (Hardy, 1992). Meanwhile the Mormons today can investigate their ancestors rebuilding their family tree and receive baptism on behalf of their dead ancestors who did not have the opportunity to know the true doctrine of God. Although the early Mormons practiced and defended polygamy as a custom of the patriarchs should not only be respected ...
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