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History and Literature

Castagnino, H. (1992). What is literature? Abstraction "Literature, nature and functions of literature" Buenos Aires: Editorial Nova

Researchers contradict about when the vintage notes become certain thing more akin to the "literature" as the delineation of this is subjective. However, it should be conveyed in brain that, granted the relevance or heritage isolation of very vintage heritage, the chronicled development of publications did not happen equally in the world.

Another difficulty in seeking to about international annals of publications is that numerous texts have went away, either on reason, by misfortune or by the total extinction of the heritage that began them. Much has been said, for demonstration, on the decimation of the Library of Alexandria conceived in the third century. And the numerous rudimentary texts accepted to have been lost in the flames. Thus, the premeditated suppression of texts, and often even their authors, and associations with some kind of temporal power, complicates the study.

Some prime texts, although, can be advised as the first steps of the literature. Ancient demonstrations are the Epic of Gilgamesh the seventeenth 100 years, that in its Sumerian probable designated day of the XXVII 100 years, and the Book of the Dead, in writing in the Papyrus of Ani which is antiquated to the thirteenth century.

Gregory, D. (1972). History of Japanese Literature - from the Leaves Collection to Haruki Murakami, National Taiwan University Library

In the so-called archaic period, between III and VI centuries AD C., Japan produced his first literary works: the chronicles Kojiki (Memoirs of the events of humanity) and Nihon Shoki (Annals of Japan), as well as poetry Manyoshu (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves 4500 poems) that would be collected in the year 760. However, the classical period of Japanese literature began in the late eighth century.

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