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Career Opportunities in Health Information Technology (HIT) Industry


As we all know that, technology is advancing day by day and each day brings new ideas and innovations. Hit has also advanced within a last decade and, there are several jobs available for job seekers in HIT. HIT allows the user to select a career with a variety of options in an array of health care environment. It has been found that healthcare technicians have been employed in several hospitals for different jobs. These jobs include public and private healthcare agencies, mental health facilities, long term care, ambulatory care, state and federal health insurance policies, physicians and healthcare agencies. Health information technicians are able to verify health information data for accuracy by using computer applications in order to access patient's data. They are required to compile and report health information data for planning and risk management and research. The best plan is to use the searching tools such as google.com, yahoo search, bingo, gulf job seeker and other websites which help individuals to find jobs according to their own choices. The other website such as Amazon.com has also different advertisement of jobs for job seekers in HIT (COE, 2010). The following jobs are mostly available in these websites and, I recommend to choose Google.com as a searching tool for the following jobs.

Digital Mail Services

Call centers

Digital Document Services (scanning)

Data entry

Data Abstracting

Document Handling / Disposal

Medical Coding

Medical Transcription

The general domains in which the professionals of the HIT are required to work are:

Organization and management

Personal health information management

Data content, structure and standards

Electronic health record life cycle

Privacy and security management

Data administration and analytics

Reimbursement, regulatory compliance and fraud surveillance

These jobs are easily searchable through the searching tools and individual who wants to find job in HIT may search the job of personal interest easily.

It is also noticed that the necessary requirement of the well trained and educated workforce is required in every nation where HIT is implemented. Regardless of the requirements, a very minute knowledge is available that how the workforce of HIT is planned in various settings of the healthcare. The role of the workforce will be discussed along with the qualifications required for the selected job (Hersh, 2010). In these searching tools, the organizations will be highlighted that are implementing the HIT with talented, trained and educated employees. The main discussion will be on the implementation of the HIT and the current job opportunities offered in it.

The agenda is to explain the roles of the professionals and what are the prerequisites for the job duty. The main locations that will be covered are the developed countries so that a more precise plan can be observed.


After visiting different searching tools, I have found that careerbuilder.com is the best available searching tools for the job seekers. The first and most important thing in these websites is to create a login account and, without any login information, individuals are not allowed to access these websites. I have chosen careerbuilder.com because, this site is easy to ...
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