Hiv Aids

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HIV Aids

HIV Aids

Today, HIV and the AIDS are amidst the most convoluted wellbeing problems. Since HIV/AIDS was found out in the early 1980s, tremendous efforts to command it's disperse were made. Despite advancement made in the direction of avoidance and remedy, HIV/AIDS is still one of the foremost difficulties that intimidate human life. The HIV/AIDS occurrence is broadly considered and argued in technical, health and public wellbeing forums. In 2003, AIDS slain more than 3 million persons, and an approximated 5 million more became contaminated, conveying to some 40 million the number actually dwelling with the virus.3 Recent accounts by the United Nations Program on AIDS (UNAIDS) show that more than 20 million have currently past away since the first clinical clues of the infection was described in 1981(Bigger, 1986,, 79).

Virtually no homeland in the world continues unaffected, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is no exception. Generally, the rank of the HIV/AIDS outbreak in the Kingdom, as well as in other Islamic nations, is not yet apparently defined. This is likely due to the need of dependable facts and numbers and the nonattendance of released surveillance facts and numbers on such a perceptive issue. Islam forbids dodgy behaviors for example homosexuality, intravenous pharmaceutical use and sexy intercourse out-of-doors wedding ceremony, which are advised the major paths to the disease. Therefore, the occurrence and incidence of HIV/AIDS are anticipated to be reduced in Islamic communities.

Data on HIV epidemiology in Saudi Arabia were discovered in a study conveyed out by Madame et al, which shows that from 1984 through 2001 a total of 6,046 HIV diseases were identified, of which 1,285 (21.3%) situations were amidst Saudi people and the residual situations were amidst expatriates. The authors report that 157 (12.2%) of Saudi patients and 600 (12.6%) of non-Saudi ...
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