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Education System in Hong Kong


In this study we try to explore the concept of Education System in Hong Kong in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on Education System in Hong Kong and its relation with families and children progress.

Table of Contents

History of Hong Kong4


What is Hong Kong's relative standing in the global community of the educational outcomes? What % of population goes to college or higher education?6

Distribution of wealth in Hong Kong & available resources for their education.... Is education free?7

What curriculum do they use? How long do they go to school? When do they start school? How many standards are covered in a year?8

Homework Policies10

What are Hong Kong's governance & administration ... who defines what the schools will do?11

Safety & violence in Hong Kong's schools12

Compare Hong Kong's schooling to schooling in the U.S. Things to consider when writing.... Hong Kong12

Education System in Hong Kong

History of Hong Kong

In 1842, Hong Kong was seized by Britain and remained its colony until 1997, when China regained sovereignty over the territory. According to the Sino-British Joint Declaration and Basic Law of Hong Kong, the territory granted wide autonomy until at least 2047, i.e. within 50 years after the transfer of sovereignty. In the course of "one country - two systems" during this period, the Central People's Government of China takes on issues of defense and foreign policy areas. A Hong Kong retains the control over the legislation, police force, monetary system, customs duties and immigration policy, and also saves representation in international organizations and events.

The first European, whose visit to the region has been documented, was Jorge Alvarish in 1513. After opening a branch of the British East India Company in Canton (Guangzhou) in the region has been a growing presence of the British. Since the beginning of the XIX century the British are beginning to import opium into China. In 1839, the Qing court has imposed a ban on the importation of opium, and Great Britain against China began the First Opium War. Hong Kong Island was first occupied by the British in 1841, and at the end of the war in 1842, officially came under British sovereignty under the Treaty of Nanking (Leung, 2003).

At the end of XIX century, Hong Kong became an important link in the trading network of British Empire Hong Kong was declared a free port to facilitate the implementation of the role of the British Empire base in Southeast Asia. In 1910, the Kowloon-Canton opened railway connecting Guangzhou and Kowloon. The colony was introduced British system of education.

In 1974, Governor Murray McLehose founded the ICAC, the Independent Commission against Corruption, to fight against corruption, including within the police. Corrupt practices were so widespread they cause a mass petition against police prosecutions. Despite opposition to the ICAC by the police force at the beginning, his success is that Hong Kong later became one of the least corrupt jurisdictions in the ...
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