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Hospitality and Information Technology: McDonalds case

Hospitality and Information Technology: McDonalds case


The business started with two brothers. In 1937, Dick and Maurice McDonalds opened a little drive-in bistro east of Pasadena, California. They assisted hotdogs and shakes. This directed to the creation of a larger drive-in which functioned effectively and by 1948, the male siblings had a made a treasure they not ever expected. The male siblings recognized that hamburgers comprised of 80 per hundred of their sales and shut their doorways to re-evaluate their business model. The identical year, in 1948 the form was about inexpensive dining for family who liked to consume out. The “Speedy Service System” was furthermore applied that encompassed an assembly line of kinds, a nine-item list, and an all male staff. The procedures were verified thriving in 1952 publicity the first franchise was traded to Neil Fox who opened a bistro in Phoenix, Arizona and conceived the well-known golden arches of McDonalds. Fox had gigantic achievement with the shop and the male siblings were reluctant at first to start a nationwide franchise scheme, but shortly recognized that too numerous copycats were creeping up and they required an benefit and a head start. Ray Croc connected the group as the exclusive franchise agency in the United States.

Some of the difficulties and trials opposite the business is the boost in affray, poor administration, awful trading, and need of answer to the alterations in the desires of franchises and customers. This produced in the strategic matters that required to be applied to extend increasing achievement for the company. Going international is critical in the expansion of McDonalds. Over the past twosome of decades, the foremost chains have furthermore started to elaborate into the international marketplace and have opened franchises up round the world. McDonald's actually functions in over 120 nations round the world with over 30,000 stores.

In investigating this business, the power, flaws, possibilities, and risks were inescapably discovered to better realise the present situation. This SWOT investigation displays us that whereas there are many risks contrary to the fast-food commerce, McDonald's lives at a somewhat powerful place in the international marketplace. According to the five forces form, the strongest comparable force is between competitor sellers in the industry.


The Description of the new technology in McDonalds : Supply chain of connections administration (SCM) and procurement administration

SCM has become more evident as a foremost managerial anxiety over the last couple of years. This has been propelled by the exploitation of new information and communication technologies, in specific the Internet, and their promise to revolutionize, simplify, and enhance supply chain of connections operations has flourished (Patterson et al., 2003). By delineation, SCM is the integration of key business processes from the end client through initial suppliers that presents goods, services, and information that add worth for clients and stakeholders (Stock and Lambert, 2001). The presentation of an living supply chain of connections desires to be assessed and assessed in alignment to recognise risks and ...
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