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Sustainable Development Issues in Hospitality Industry


This paper aims to provide answers to the strategic question: Sustainable development issues in hospitality industry. The paper provides a concise overview of key aspects to be addressed by the hospitality and tourism industry in relation to its potential contribution to sustainable economic growth in this sector. It also provides recommendations to address some of the key issues raised by practitioners during the roundtable discussion. In doing, the paper also reconciles the issues and recommendations made in various research papers featuring in this special issue.

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The Possible Facts Influence This Hospitality Trend2

Analyzing the Facts5


Current Environmental Issues affecting Hospitality Industry7

Socio-political and Economic Sustainability Issues affecting Hospitality Industry10

The Status of the Hospitality Trends13

Current Image of Hospitality Industry13

Current Structure of the Hospitality Industry14

Potential Trends and Development in Hospitality Industry15

Prediction of the Future of Hospitality Trends17

Data Warehouse: A Powerful Tool for Tourism Enterprises18

New Trends in the Human Resources20




Sustainable Development Issues in Hospitality Industry


The hospitality industry trends has been given due importance nowadays, these are for profit, private the government hospitals, not for profit institutions which have been established to facilitate the public. Both the government and the private hospitals compete in the same markets. Since many years the hospitality industry has been suffering from the situation of instability because of the changes taken place in the technology, and the introduction of new innovative technology in the industry (Tosun, 2001). Nowadays the education is being given extra importance while hiring the staff in any organization or company.

Today there is wide acceptance that sustainability is one of the most important issues faced by the tourism industry. This acceptance is reflected in the proliferation of publications attempting to define the principles and practice of 'sustainable tourism' and to relate them to the concerns of 'sustainable development'. The term 'sustainable tourism' usually denotes the application of the more general concept of sustainable development to tourism as a specific economic sector. The sustainable development concept was popularized in the late 1980s with the publication of Our Common Future by the World Commission on Environment and Development (Tosun, 2001). Given the importance and complexity of the issues, it is inevitable that there are now many different interpretations of what sustainable development is and what it means in the context of tourism.

In the hospitality industry trends it is important to have a formal structure for the project as well as for the project staff, this structure will help an individual to understand the clear view of the project, as well as it will help the staff to understand their responsibility and their assignments, so it will become easy for the staff to achieve their project objectives and goals. The business of hospitality is related to the distinct but almost related industries, which includes restaurant industry and hotel industry (Sharpley, 2000). The term hospitality includes larger system of companies; it includes food, transportation, cruise, theme park, travel and real estate industries. The traditional value proposition of hospitality has been expanded to a variety of ...
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