How American's Children Packed On The Pounds By Jeffery Kluger Americans

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How American's Children Packed on the Pounds by Jeffery Kluger Americans


The article discussed in this paper is American's Children Packed on the Pounds by Jeffery Kluger. In this article auther uses ethos, logos and pathos to discuss child obesity in America. The author has not come up with any particular solutions but instead he has provided brief about the problem and its effect on the country.

In 'American's Children Packed on the Pounds' the use of pathos and logos is noticeable throughout the text, but logos in given more attention. Right in the middle we have three appeals; the author claims , “but to prefer foods that are high in calories”. This can evoke emotions, such as empathy, for those who are overweight. It also employs the use of logos by stating a fact that really, people don't aim to be fat. A reference to mythos would be that our culture and society have made being 'fat' a grotesque concept.

Following this first example, a logical appeal is made using facts. The author states a statistic about the growing percentage rate of obesity in children. It is said that in 1971 only 4% of 6-to-11-year-old kids were obese; by 2004, the figure had leaped to 18.8%. In the same period, the number rose from 6.1% to 17.4% in the 12-to-19-year-old group, and from 5% to 13.9% among kids' ages just 2 to 5.The article How American's Children Packed on the Pounds by Jeffery Kluger Americans talks about the increasing obesity in children of United States. Obesity is increasing in United States with a growing rate. Between 5 to 25 children per hundred are obese in USA. It comprises 15% of the children population. Obesity is an increase in excess body fats which leads to the growth of the body weight. Childhood obesity is explained as a weight-for-height in excess of 120 percent. It is a chronic disorder which has multiple causes (Power, 350).


First important factor contributing to obesity is poor diet. Unhealthy, oily, and fast foods are reasons for the poor diet. Menu at schools and restaurants usually comprise of such food items that are mostly fried or fattening. Nowadays, each food item contains preservatives which are unhealthy too. There is too little option to switch and the food items offered are almost the same everywhere. This could be helped when the schools and the restaurant revise their menu and add healthy food such as salads, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Second factor contributing towards is watching television. It is making children obese because studies show that children tend to consume more food and especially fatty food while watching television. Apart from the consumption, watching television means no exercise. It is a substitute for children instead of outdoor games or exercises which would help increase their metabolism and physical activity (Peter, 34).

Physical activity comes third in the contribution factor. The lifestyle in US is such that it includes very little of exercise. Children do not burn fat as they should do. They exercise ...
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