How Does Work Affects Family?

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How Does Work Affect Family?

How Does Work Affect Family?

One of the changes in the workforce demographics, which have implications on human resource development, is the increase in the participation of married women and single mothers in employment. In Malaysia, the labor force participation rate of single mothers was 4.1% for widowed and 2.8% for divorced/separated in 2007 compared with 4.0 and 2.4% in 2005. Besides the increase in single mothers entering the work force while continuing to maintain the majority of the family responsibilities, there is a growing interest in the interface of work-family roles. This interest has also in large measures been fuelled by the growing concern shown by policy makers regarding the well-being of employees in both the work and family domains. As per Kahn et al. (1964), work-family conflict is a type of interrole conflict in which pressures in the work role are incompatible with pressures in the family role.

The social conflict theory states that conflict is natural and inevitable in all human interaction. It is not seen as a negative theory, it just calls for people to be aware that conflict will arise, and that they need to come up with solutions to these struggles. This is no distinct in the family. Today's families have to deal with tension on the macro level and the micro level. Work and employment affect both the macro and micro elements of the family. More and more varieties of families are coming about, such as dual-income families, single-parent families, and families who take care of their children as well as their parents. These people face tribulations everyday of their lives while trying to juggle work and their family. Mostly in dual-income families, and single-parent families, people are performing a "double day".

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