How Music Reflects Your Personality?

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how Music reflects your personality?

How Music reflects your personality?

At first, the very young child can't pronounce the words, or that she isn't sure what the words mean (Honig, 2004). The sound of the music will encourage the child to make an effort to try to say the words. Eventually, the meaning of the words will come, especially if there are meaningful motions being performed by the mother along with the singing. Singing also helps young children concentrate on learning tasks and aids in establishing rituals. Music encourages dramatic play and aids in the understanding of concepts, including quantity, number, and space.

Many of the songs that toddlers love end in rhyme. It is an important cognitive achievement when young children learn that two words that sound the same are rhymes (Honig, 2004).I think the music and the culture around that style of music does have an effect on you. How much is based on each individual person though. For instance, I'm listening to various kinds of music because I am a very easy going person. My friends tell me that I am extremely easy going and I tend to just go with the flow. I like all kinds of music, but when I am in certain situations, I prefer, but don't demand, to listen to a certain genre of music.

When I am alone in my car I prefer to listen to country. I grew up listening to country music, because my mom is a huge fan. Right now my favorite country song is “Letter to Me,” by Brad Paisley. It reminds me of myself when I was in high school. He is explaining his life when he was 17 and how it's only going to get better, which I now understand. My favorite line in the ...
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