How Unhealthy Is Fast Food

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How Unhealthy is Fast Food

How Unhealthy is Fast Food

In this day and age, we perceive that fast food is not only convenient but also economically advantageous. However, the health hazards of fast food are harmful enough to outweigh the benefits. With the passage of time, the number of fast food restaurants is increasing with an increase in the number of health hazards associated with fast food. There has been a dramatic increase in obesity over the last few years. It has been tested and proved that an increase in the consumption of fast food restaurants has resulted in increasing obesity. Obesity is believed to be a major problem around the world. Health practitioners, around the world, are concerned about an increase in obesity rates.

Fast food is fast and convenient but unhealthy for individuals of every age group.

History of the Problem

The eating habits of people have changed significantly over the last few years. In the beginning, fast food was limited to food stands and road side cafes of hotdog and hamburgers. Nevertheless, fast food is now a billion dollar industry. The fast food industry has significantly influenced eating habits of people. The growth in the industry has been accompanied with an increase in health hazards.

There are other factors as well that have changed the eating habits of individuals. The lifestyle of Americans is changing rapidly. There is an increase in the number of working professionals all over the world. In addition, the number of single parent and independently living individuals is also increasing. As a result, people have less time to cook food at home. The long working hours have urged working professionals to consume fast food since it is convenient as well as economic. The fast food contains several harmful ingredients that cause obesity and other problems.

The First Negative Effect of the Problem

The first negative outcome of the increasing consumption of fast food is obesity. A number of studies have found a direct relation between the consumption of fast food and increasing obesity levels. The concept of fast food has gained popularity because it allows individuals to eat as quickly as possible and move on to other works. The consumption of fast food is common in cultures that demand time efficiency and immediate gratification from inhabitants (Schlosser, 2001).

Another factor that has increased consumption of fast food is its taste. Fast food is good in taste. For this reason, ...
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