Hr And The Performance Appraisal Process In Tesco

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HR and the Performance Appraisal Process in Tesco



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Performance management has been put in the most important place in HRM, as well as in the strategic management. However, performance appraisal, the core of HRM, has become a deep gap between performance appraisers and employees. This is why performance appraisal has got great attention in both theoretical study and daily practice. This paper first makes a research to collect lots of views about why performance appraisal is not welcome, then from the angle of performance appraisal itself and appraisers as well as employees, the paper combines with stresses and conflicts, organizational political behaviour and organizational injustice in organization to analyze the reason why performance appraisal is not welcome and to give the viewpoint about how to make performance appraisal become popular. The concept of performance appraisal has widened and has become a set practice. It has formed as the measure to manage employee performance. Performance management is an integral part of any organization. Without performance appraisal and employee recognition the organization can't have quality human resource. To hire and manage total quality people, performance appraisal is the need of the day. Through performance management the employee can manage the employee and motivate him so that he works more efficiently. Hence performance appraisal has two basic kinds which include nature of appraisal and the context of appraisal. The former concept relates to contextual performance and goal setting of an employee while the latter is the appreciation by the employer. This research focuses on the employee performance management with respect to new practices and technology development.

Table of Contents


1.1 Aims and Objectives7

1.2 Research Question/Hypothesis7

1.3 Rationale of the Study8


2.1 The nature of appraisal11

2.2 Content of appraisal11

2.3 The Appraisal process12

2.4 Benefits of Performance Evaluation12


3.1 Interview14

3.2 Informal, Conversational Interview15

3.3 General Interview Guide Approach15

3.4 Standardized, open-ended interview15

3.5 Closed, fixed-response interview15


4.1 Competitive advantages and the role of human resources16

4.5 Performance of Organization and HR18

5.1 Recommendations20



1.1 Aims and Objectives

The objectives of performance appraisal are many. The objectives may include the responsibility of the employer in order to compensate the employee well, provide proper recognition and feedback to the employee, provide a clear distinct career ladder to each employee so that each employee works his best to reach the top. The employer should not discriminate the employer on the basis of sex or anything else. If the employee would be given true and fair output then it would be helpful to arrange training for that employee who lacks skills.  This research seeks to evaluate the ...
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