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Elevating the Human Resource Function

Elevating the Human Resource Functions

Question: Critically evaluate the HR function. What does it really contribute, what are its strengths and where does it need to develop.

This essay will critically evaluate the HR functions and what does it really contribute, what are its strengths and where does it need to develop.


Organizational capabilities are evolved primarily through the development of human assets. Despite the tremendous significance of human resources, numerous associations treat the HR (Human Resource) Function as just another administrative function with high overhead costs. As an outcome, the HR Function is often aimed at for outsourcing and downsizing; crippling it from its genuine promise for value-creation inside the organization (Boxall, 2003, 33).

Broader and strategic views

Instead of viewing HR as a essential administrative function, it's high time for all associations to identify that the real challenge for Human asset administration is to lead the way on some strategic fronts - development of prescribed schemes for creating a “learning” association, productive deployment of human assets for greatest return to the business, and enhancing the competencies of the workforce. Senior administration should take a much broader and strategic view of the HR Function, utilizing it to maintain or create new comparable advantages for the organization. Ultimately, the HR Function should be a foremost strategic player in how the association executes its general strategic plan (Boxall, 2003, 88).

It has become increasingly clear that human resources (HR) in the future must operate strategically - not as the current 'partner in businesses, but as a business in and of itself. There are a number of critical causes to move in this direction, not the least of which is that it may be the only way HR can take command of its own future.

In order for HR administration to become more strategic, it will have to decrease the administrative, paperwork that retains HR back. For example, things like virtual services - having workers doing their own teaching through e-learning or altering their advantages on-line will be the signal of the future, permitting HR to move away from impelling paper and doing more discussion type work.

HR Functions

Several factors are forcing change on the HR Function:

New technologies (such as on-line time sheets)

Competitive forces

Organizational alterations (such as alterations in management, scheme, etc.)

Increased force on HR to deliver services at smallest costs

New trials on HR to address strategic outcomes that impact the business

These components and more will propel a major transformation in how HR will work. According to Ernst and juvenile, today's HR will compare sharply with tomorrow's HR:

Today's HR Function = 70% transaction processing and 30% strategic plans.

Tomorrow's HR Function = 30% transaction processing and 70% strategic plans.

Importance of strategic planning

The reason that strategic planning is important is simple. It has worked directly or through associate for more than five hundred companies in the thirty-two years that has been a personnel consultant. Approximately two century of these businesses was my ...
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