Technological Development On Hr Functions

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Impact of Technological Development on Organization and Human Resource Functions

Impact of Technological Development on Organization and Human Resource Functions


This paper considers that how development in the technology environment of organisations have modified the world of work? Information technical knowledge (IT) is deliberated as a propelling force in the development of organizations (Zampetti, 2001). The implication of data and communication technologies (ICT) utilisation has been accepted as key to the modernization of organisations (Baliamoune-Lutz, 2003), (Corea, 2007). Managers at high-technology companies furthermore needed to get perception and abilities that facilitate their organizations to accumulate the advantages attached with diverse public- personal partnerships (Zampetti, 2001).

The Internet and its marketable submissions in electrical devices commerce, mostly new projects like B2B e-markets, are experiencing an explosive overture to the business surroundings. Businesses are restructuring and figuring systems in a try to accommodate and use this innovative detail to their benefit (Galanaki, 2002). From this viewpoint, this item boasts a conceptual structure on the method of conceiving these new projects, the influence of mesh champions in the creation method and the strategic implication of the competency-destroying discovery (Internet) for purchasers and sellers who connect the B2B e-market. Several employed propositions are evolved from the extant publications that should be helpful for empirical work on how new B2B e-markets are implemented (Galanaki, 2002). The paper presents a perfected proposition founded on an area study of a B2B e-market case.


United Kingdom is already going through a term of financial growth. But several fresh contests have appeared. British organisations are facing proficiency shortages and an aging workforce (Walker, 2001). This shortage has been lectured via introduction of fresh technology in workplaces and influx of immigration employees (Walker, 2001). The significance of the Internet and in specific its financial submission, electronic commerce, is well established in business. This commercial submission has directed to a varied variety of phenomena encompassing business to business (B2B) e-marketsGalanaki, 2002). Many B2B e-markets are new projects and assist to enhance Internet-based electronic commerce. By utilising data conceived in such e-markets, sellers and business purchasers present trading undertakings (Bakos, 1991; Wise and Morrison, 2000). Projected incomes from B2B electronic commerce are anticipated to augment in the USA from US$54 billion in 1999 to US$607 billion in 2003 and in the Asia Pacific district from US$2 billion to US$34 billion in the identical time span (Di Gregorio and De Montis, 2001). This e-commerce discovery is having a deep implication on the way a business presents trading purposes because it is both a new project firm and is embedded in fundamental discovery (e.g. Kochan, 2007; Ulrich, 2007a). Since the occurrence is new, and the constructs are either unidentified or at an embryonic stage, this paper evolves several tentative employed propositions from idea and presents a demonstration of how the employed propositions can be perfected utilising empirical data.

Many distinct delineations have been adhered to the notion of B2B e-market, for demonstration e-Hubs (Kaplan and Sawhney, 2000), eMarketplaces (Kafka, 2000) and B2B exchange (Wise and ...
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