Technological Development

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Technological Development

Technological developments over the past 30 years have only positive effects on people's health

Technological developments over the past 30 years have only positive effects on people's health



The advent of new technologies has made the human processes and operations more effective and more efficient, and it is not limited to a particular field or discipline. The innovations and technological development has affected almost every field and discipline of life. The technological development has started to evolve as soon as the people felt the desire to execute their assignment in limited time, and also ensuring maximum effectiveness. The most groundbreaking technological development was that of Computer. Starting from the creation of mainframe computers (equal to the size of a standard room), computer technology can now be fit to a human's palm. This example is an evidence of how the technology has evolved in the last thirty years. Apart from this revolution, several other technological developments have been witnessed in the last thirty years. Almost every discipline and field of life has been affected by technological developments over the years including: Banking and Finance, Manufacturing Industries, healthcare, Aviation, Sports, Engineering, telecommunication, agriculture, information technology etc. Although these groundbreaking technological developments have made people's life much easier, however, the excessive use of these technologies has also raised issues related to the health of people. The scientist and health researcher are now more concerned with the negative effect of these technologies especially on the health of children and teenagers. In the next section, the author will examine different aspects of technological development and its affect on people's health.


Technological development can be defined as the evolution of process and operations to achieve industrial and commercial objectives. All these changes result in increased production of individual companies, sectors, industries, and thus the national economy as a whole. The state should influence correction only if the dynamics of technical change in a particular area threatens the health status of community who are exposed to technological change. Intervention should involve the preparation and implementation of programs that create health awareness among community members (Banse, 2007).

Thesis statement

Technological developments have improved quality of life for most people to some extent, however excessive dependence on technology just like taking the slow poison which could destroy people's health.

Brief plan of essay

In this essay, the author will discuss the phenomenon of technological development and major inventions that has been made in the last thirty years. The three major technological developments that will be discussed in the essay are:


wireless (Cell phone)


All these technological developments will be discussed from health perspective. The benefits and drawbacks of these developments will also be examined in this essay.



Television Development

Television can be defined as a medium that is used to transmit information in the form of sound and video. The history of the development of television has been the story of finding a suitable device for reproducing images. The first was called the Nipkow disk, patented by German inventor Paul Gottlieb Nipkow in 1884; it was a flat, circular disc ...
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