Technological Development

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Technological Development

Developments in Technology Affected Organizations


Ever since man appeared on earth, it has been the constant concern of seeking to find the best ways and means to an end or to provide a benefit and that outperform their competitors or yourself. Many gains have been through a slow maturation process to arrive at a product that is at the service of humanity or of any military organization. It was from the early 40's when by military necessity, begins to emerge a revolutionary discovery that would change the course of history in many ways, we are talking about the computer (Ansoff & Stewart, 1967 77).

From this finding, the lives of people began to change as organizations began to use this new technology, which initially had some slowness marked by shortages of ways to improve it, but from early 50's, this new technology began to evolve with the advent of transistors and then the mini and micro components (integrated circuits) and thus to improve more rapidly impacting both society and the organizations, so that there were those who based on the environmental analysis is that he was living, came to predict a new trend that called information technology, same as published in the Harvard Business Review entitled "The administration of the eighties" (Leavitt and Whisler, 1958 ), which envisioned greater involvement of senior officials in their organizations to reduce middle making fewer people do more work with less cost and more profit through the use of technology.

This new technology proposed that organizations suffer a re-structuring so that some managerial staff would be reduced or disappear pear to more specialized, ie multifunctional emerging new posts as the so-called "analysts" other aspects that are proposed was that with new technology, it would have to be constantly updated to avoid falling into the obsolescence and re-centralization of organizations to have better control over his subordinates by the administrators who can provide information to senior management who will make better decisions.

Evolution Of Technology

The evolution of technology has affected the way organizations operate, produce, market, governing and in the way of education, ranging from simple management through mass production and customized, targeted advertising the masses, government services and tailored products (Boar 1994, 355).

Globalization and Technology

Globalization is a modern term especially used to describe the changes in societies and the world economy that result from dramatically increased international trade and cultural exchange. This process is defined as a fundamentally economic process that is the increasing integration of individual national economies into a single world capitalist market. Globalization is the process by which the increased communication and interdependence among countries of the world unites markets, societies and cultures, through a series of social, economic and policies that give a global character. Thus, modes of production and capital movements are configured on a global scale, as s governments are losing powers to what has been called the network society.

Developments in Technologies

These are some of the following advancements in technologies (Kevin 2010, 420):

Technology balance of payments: A subdivision of the ...
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