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Employee Motivation in Hospitality and Tourism

IntroductionMotivational and leadership qualities are not only essential for upper management in business but these qualities are essential among employees as well. Many people often have a tendency to be a leader, while some leasers go on to be effective leaders by learning successful leadership behaviors. Leadership is all about leading others. It is very important for leaders to understand that what will motivate others. If leaders want to create or continue a change they should know how to influence their followers. Leading is used to change channel motivation into practical use employee motivation is based on many factors. One the common factor in motivating employees is depended on the type of work they are doing. It is wrong to think that those employees who do simple work every day become more efficient over time, however there is fact that a person get bored by doing the same type of work daily. Employees stay motivated if they get various and different tasks to perform and the ability to grow as well. It is very sad to that there are many workers who do not get chances to perform different tasks and chance to show their ability and creativity. (BusinessWeek, 2006)The Hospitality and Tourism Perspective

The phenomena of Motivation in the hospitality and Tourism industry carries more importance than other industries due to the fact that the degree of direct interaction with customers is very high. In this industry, guests and tourists are involved directly with employees. The way of dealing with and entertaining of the staff has crucial importance. We know for a fact that a demotivated employee will give less than a 100% in his work. The same law applies here but with much more critical consequences involved. The apprehensions of guests and their requirements are entertained directly by the staff which makes it crucial for the management to keep the morale and motivation of the employees high. All employees from the House keeping staff to the concierge must be motivated and their behavior and actions should be in line with the standards set for them. The scale of the tourism, hospitality and leisure industry is enormous. It has become the world's largest employer and, despite the global financial crisis, it is predicted that the decline in international tourism arrivals may have bottomed out. It encompasses virtually every country and culture and has its foundations. According to Baum (2006), in the semi-feudal European society, today the hotel industry has multiple facets. In this discussion we will focus mainly upon larger hotels, it is acknowledged that the industry as a whole is primarily made up of small and micro businesses. We here focus upon specific hospitality issues covering the application of SHRM in hospitality, generational influences and change, training, skills and service quality, impacts of technology upon the workforce, high performance work places (HPWP), actualization of the workforce and outsourcing. It summarizes the views of a number of industry ...
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