Employee Training & Development At Bp

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Employee Training & Development at BP

Employee Training & Development at BP

Statement of Problem

The ultimate goal of British Petroleum's development and training program is to achieve measurable improvements in the knowledge, skills, ability and performance of all the employees who will contribute to maintaining a high performance organization.

Development implies learning that is not necessarily related to the employee's current job. Instead it prepares employees for other positions in the organization. Training focuses on improving the employee's performance in their current position. (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2004)

Dealing with difficult customers and customer service in hospitality services are just two of the many development and training programs that are being implemented within the British Petroleum. All development and training courses will be held at British Petroleum, (BCU).

It has come to the attention of the Boardman Island HR development team that several employees are finding it difficult dealing with irate customers. There have been reports of employees striking out in anger and frustration during confrontation, which is totally unacceptable. The HR development team has decided that all employees will be required to participate in a training session to teach them how to deal effectively with difficult customers.

As a way to save money and time, the HR development team has decided to combine the Customer Service and Hospitality training required for the new employees with the Dealing with Difficult Customers training. The thought is that not only would it save the company money but the present employees would benefit from going through the customer service training again. The HR development team will organize a full-day training session; the morning session will be Customer Service and Hospitality and after the lunch break, Dealing with Difficult Customers.

Purpose of the Study

British Petroleum Resort takes pride in the service they provide to their customers. The exceptional service is the reason the resorts' repeat business grows year after year. British Petroleum is committed to seeing that British Petroleum Resort reach goals as stated in the mission statement BP-HR is to recognize individual attributes and values that each employee brings to the job with respect and acknowledgement. These principles allow the company to reach its goal of providing excellent customer service. (Apollo Group, 2007) With that being said, BP-HR is taking the recent reports of employee poor customer service very seriously.

The analysis will pay particular attention to the food service staff which is where the majority of the complaints are coming from. They will need to learn proper serving techniques and timeliness of getting customer orders out. The events service staff need training regarding the services offered at the resort. There have been complaints that the staff has not been relaying correct information to the customers. In addition to that, the resort will need to provide scenarios based on documented incidents which will teach the employees how to deal with customers when situations get out of hand. HR management's recommendation that after the basic training portion in the afternoon, the employees break up by departments for ...
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