Employee Training And Development Plan

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Employee Training and Development Plan

Employee Training and Development Plan


Companies must have an overall objective in order for any training to be effective, and at the same time the company will need to help fulfil their employees' personal goals by designing a training program for employees to utilize. According to the Metro PCS website, they offer wireless broadband personal communication services, or PCS, on a no long-term contract, flat rate, and unlimited usage basis in selected major metropolitan areas in the United States. Since the company launched their innovative wireless service in 2002, they have been among the fastest growing wireless broadband PCS providers in the United States as measured by growth in subscribers and revenues during that period. Metro PCS currently own or have access to wireless licenses covering a population of approximately 143 million. As of March 31, 2009 Metro PCS launched service in nine of the top 15 largest metropolitan areas and cover a licensed population of approximately 83 million. The company currently serves approximately 6.1 million total subscribers. Clearly Metro PCS' phone plans attract the customers but what about customer service and overall satisfaction? By using Metro PCS in the area of "poor customer satisfaction", we will look at what is involved in a training program for this company.

Needs Assessment

A needs assessment is the first step in the instructional design process. Needs assessment refers to the process used to determine if training is necessary. Different organizations are often in a hurry to get new information out in order to make the money that is desired. The solution the company comes up with may not be the right solution; therefore, causing the company to spend countless time and money on something that may not work. This is one reason Metro PCS customer service has suffered. A needs assessment involves three steps:

1) Organizational Analysis

2) Individual Analysis

3) Task Analysis

Organizational Analysis

Organizational analysis involves determining the extent to which training is congruent with the company's business strategy and resources and if peers and managers are likely to provide the support needed for trainees to use training content in the work setting. This is one area Metro PCS lacks in. Management does just enough to get what needs to be done so they can go home. Often employees are left to figure out problems on their own because there is not enough help on the floor for questions or supervisor calls. Some supervisor calls can last hours and with over 100 customer service representatives on the floor with only four managers on duty this can be difficult for the representative causing customers to become furious with Metro PCS and stop their service. With additional training the representatives could answer questions on their own without having to depend on someone to come help them find the answer. This would provide the support needed for employees to use training content more effectively.

Individual Analysis

Personal Analysis involves determining whether performance deficiencies result from a lack of knowledge, skill, and ability or ...
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