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Human Resource Management: Recruitment, Selection & On-boarding

Human Resource Management: Recruitment, Selection & On-boarding

Human Resource Management at the ASDA

Human Resource Management at the ASDA is the management function that relates to the people within an organization which includes the planning, recruitment, hiring, selection, compensation, performance management, organizational growth and development, learning and training, benefits, employee motivation, administration and communication (Paauwe, 2009).

At ASDA, the human resource management is responsible for looking after the human resource aspects of an organization. It is responsible for acquiring qualified individuals, providing them with training, motivating them for high levels of performance, and installing mechanisms that ensure that the employees sustain their productive association with the organization.

Following are the 7 main functions of Human Resource Management.

1. Human Resource planning

2. Recruitment and selection

3. Training and development

4. Performance appraisal

5. Performance appraisals

6. Compensation and benefits

7. Employee relations

All these functions are significant to the ASDA. However, the first function of human resource planning forms the foundation for all the others.

Strengths of ADSA's Recruiting, Selecting, and on Boarding Processes


Security built-in

New jobs for all categories of people

Return contract work

Every applicant is properly evaluated in terms of job description and education background, its suitability for the job post.

HRM department develops a certain job related tests for every department. The test scores indicate whether the person is suitable or not. After passing the job related tests, the candidates are asked to come for the interview. From this interview, the overall personality and professionalism is evaluated. After evaluating the tests and interviews, the candidates who had scored the highest is hired.

The company always comes up with new and modified systems of appraisal, compensation management and performance management.

A proper employee appraisal system is in practice so that it represents true and fair picture of employee performance. There is a uniform system of performance appraisal at all ...
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