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Staffing Handbook for Lewis Corporation

Staffing Handbook for Lewis Corporation

Strategic staffing

The most powerful and viable companies are using advanced technology, guided by equitable principles are designed purpose, highly motivated and competent staff, which is practically identified with the company. This is a flexible, quickly and confidently developing the company. But to succeed by copying someone else's strategy, is unlikely. In order to be well adapted to rapidly changing conditions dictated by the modern market, the company must have a clear purpose, vision, and mission, values that correspond to the interests of customers, and developed on the basis of their strategic principles.

How many people are thinking, why set up of an equal footing with businesses survive only about a third? The causes are many. Some - not cope with the onslaught of competitors, while others - have not found their niche, and others - did not have time to rebuild and start the next stage of development. And so it goes on almost indefinitely (Autor & Handel, 2009).

Job Analysis Approach at Lewis Corporation

At Lewis Corporation, we use the following models to conduct job analysis for positions;

The Job Characteristics Model

The theory of the attributes required in the work of Turner laid the foundations for what today is the dominant framework for defining the characteristics of the task and understand its relationship to motivation, performance and employee satisfaction. This is the model of job characteristics. According to the MCP, any position can be described from the viewpoint of the five critical dimensions of the position

Job Posting

Placed ad should contain information about a specific job with a clear precise description does not allow two or more interpretations. For every job from one organization may be published only one ad. Vacancy Announcement consists of three blocks: "Job Description", "Job Requirements" and "Contact." Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are required. All fields must match the name and meaning of their purpose and be completed in accordance with the rules of spelling, without further reductions in each block of the first letter - the title, the rest - lowercase.

In the "Job Description" must indicate the name of the proposed office, city, income, compensation package, location, type and schedule of work, working conditions and job responsibilities: 3. The "Job Title" must contain only the title and fill in the following way: without the quotes and points at the end of the name, without undue reduction, the first letter - the title, the rest - lowercase. For example, a manager working with clients or the Deputy Director.

Perhaps the title of one of three options for the transfer of its writing. For example, the secretary / office manager / assistant manager.

Any additional information (namely, the location of the company, the scope of the company, etc.) should be placed in the appropriate boxes describing jobs, and not in the title of the post. The parentheses in the title of positions allowed to refine the job site, the subject of trade / service name of division ...
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