Human Perceptions

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Human Perceptions

Human Perceptions

Part A

Generally, some argue that humans do in fact have the ability to see the future, called extra sensory perception. I never believed in this until I had a life altering experience.

It was a Friday night and I was visiting my friend's house for his birthday. Nick was turning fourteen the next day, and there were balloons everywhere, people talking and kids were yelling and running around. Our parents were all having a drink in the living room while we were playing video games downstairs. I suddenly started to feel a bit dizzy and disoriented. Playing video games for an extensive period of time will eventualy do that to me, but this was a different type of feeling. A feeling i had never felt before, like something inside of me didn't feel right. I decided to go upstairs to Nick's room and take a nap on his bed. Lying down on the soft, feathery comforter made me very comfortable and sleepy.

I am not exactly sure how long I was asleep for, but I started to feel a dryness in my mouth. I decided to get up and get a glass of water to quench my thirst. In a single year, we dream thousands of dreams. Some are lived more vividly than others while others are forgotten altogether. Each dream tells a story that could unlock the answer to a mystery, inspire our work or help us gain insight to ourselves or the world around us. The second I opened my eyes, I found myself hovering in the air, light as a feather. Everything was pitch black around me, and everything was silent. It was impossible to know where I was exactly. The feeling of fear and knowing that I had to get away from where I was, made me anxiously search for an escape. As I made my way through the air, I noticed a ray of light creeping its way through a hole in the wall. As I approached the hole, I noticed that it was in fact a keyhole and that the wall was really a gateway. I cautiously opened the gateway, a much stronger, brighter light crept its way through the crack of the opening.

When I opened the door, I was blinded by the light, but suddenly found myself in the guestroom of my house, where my cousin from Greece was staying. She was visiting from Greece along with my grandmother for a few weeks. The smell of perfume and cosmetics overwhelmed me as I stepped into the room. Her stuffed animals and several pictures she had put up, made it feel a little more like home. For once, her stereo wasn't blasting away music and the room was real quiet. A strange occurrence, since she always had music on in her room. The room was dimly lit, and I could make out three shadowy figures.

At first, I couldn't quite recognize who they were, but after several seconds, I realized that ...
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