I Am Not Yours

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I Am Not Yours

The word love means to be devoted to something or to find something irresistible; this can then alternatively be interpreted in different ways not just in a conventional manor. The poem I Am Not Yours doesn't look at the love between two people but the love for passion and the problems that can arise from this

As there are different types of love, there are also different techniques of writing about love as each poet tries to be more unique than the next. Within the poem I Am Not Yours the style of the poem is written in a debating fashion it appears that you should read from left to right although this is optional. The left side of the poem is the positive side of the debate and the right is the negative side of the debate. The debate is upon whether to continue a relationship or not depending on an ambiguous situation of unfaithfulness before the poem was written.

All the way through the poem the women is in control this is shown by the way the poem is written by having the women's argument continually after the man's it allows the women to contradict the man's opinion and have the last closing statement. Observe how the wound heals-man, Although the wound heals The tree is forever dead such is our love. Within this poem the poet uses many metaphors to describe the way in which the love appears and the course which it has taken. Remember how when you cut your hair, you feel different, and some how incomplete. But the hair grows-before long it is always the same. Our beauty together such as our love. This enables the reader to understand things from other people's point of view the man's and the women's. Towards the end I believe the reader would take the women's aspect over the man's as there must have been reason for the women's dismissal of the man at the end of poem. The tree is forever dead such as our love.

Whenever the poem is written from the women's point of view it is written in upper case font unlike the man's this shows again that the women is higher than the man or in a better position. The man's I said, observe how the wounds heal in time,' the women's 'She said, Although the wound heals The structure of ...
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