Identifying Best Quality Management Practices For Achieving Quality And Innovation Performance

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Identifying Best Quality Management Practices for Achieving Quality and Innovation Performance




Background of the Study1

Characteristics of Quality Management1

Significance of the Study2

Research Aims and Objectives2

Research Questions2



Characteristics of Innovation4

Product Innovation and Service5


Questionnaire Survey6


Research Validity7

Ethical Considerations7





Background of the Study

The importance of Quality Management is quite high for any organization. There are lots of challenges for the Program Manager to implement the Quality Management system in the organization. First of all, it is vital to define the concept of Quality. Quality is defined as the best possible measure of a product in terms of its performance and reliability. The overall efforts by the employees, needed to achieve the requirements of quality. It is the main task for the Quality Assurance Department. Their role is to ensure that customer requirements have been identified and fulfilled in a satisfactory manner.

There are different customer needs according to the time which requires a periodic review of the quality requirements. Since the start of each business, it is important for all customers to be aware with quality issues. Any customer who buys a product has certain expectations determined by several factors in terms of intended use, form and performance which might affect each of them. If the product would meet the expectations of the customer, he or she will be happy to say that the product is of high quality. This is the reason why the quality of the product depends on its ability to be within the expectations of the customer.

Characteristics of Quality Management

Product quality is a key factor in any decision because it makes it easier for the customer to choose the right product. Normally, the buyer requests samples from potential suppliers and then the process of inspection and examination takes place. In some situations, buyers face a position of getting forced to send technical experts to assess quality management systems. In order to reduce the problems caused by actual nature and high cost, buyers have been forced to assess the quality system for better resource. The need has emerged to make sure quality has universal acceptance for any product or service. Companies must have a comprehensive quality system to satisfy the needs of internal management in the organization. It is even necessary for the purpose of contracting and quality assessment to demonstrate the implementation of the elements.

Significance of the Study

This study will be very effective to identifying best quality management practices for achieving quality and innovation performance

Research Aims and Objectives

Following will be the aims and objectives of this study:

To explain the conception and application of quality management in organizations

To identify different ways for achieving quality and innovation performance

To identify best quality management practices for achieving quality and innovation performance

Research Questions

This study will be based on the following research questions:

What are the different ways of achieving quality and innovation performance in an organization ?

How do we identify quality management practices in an organization ?

What is the impact of quality and ...
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