Illegal Immigrants-Deportation Or Amnesty

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Illegal immigrants- Deportation or Amnesty

Illegal Immigrants- Deportation or Amnesty


In the United States of America, illegal immigration has long been at the forefront of the political debate in the United States of America. However, with the new stringent laws in Arizona, it governs the way illegal immigration is handled in that state. The issue has become even more heated on the national stage. While some argue that those undocumented workers who come to America illegally should be considered criminals and deported, the opposing argument states that undocumented workers should be given the opportunity to integrate into American society with full rights to citizenship by following the appropriate procedures. In essence, the argument is either for deportation or for providing a path to citizenship for these illegal immigrants. However, this problem is still very high in United States. It is causing lots of difficulties for the government in tackling this issue. It has indeed become one of the major issues in the United States at the moment. (Barnett, 2009)

Identification of the Problem

The two opposing arguments have been presented in this topic. For instance in the case of deportation of illegal US immigrants, there is an ethical dilemma involved especially for those people in USA who work hard for their earnings, spend a peaceful life and do not commit any crime. So, the issue of deportation of these people becomes very controversial. There are several people who come to United States on a student visa, especially the students for higher education and once they finish their studies, they try to settle in the country. They look for some odd jobs in order to earn some money for themselves and wait for a better time to apply for the legal status afterwards once they properly settle in the country. Some of them try to marry an American citizen, so that they can apply for a permanent residency later on to become a legal citizen of the country. (Carens, 2008)

Therefore, the option of deportation is not a favorable option for those illegal immigrants that have worked extremely hard to sustain their earnings and does not have any criminal record in the country. However, the problem in employment opportunities does occur because illegal immigrants also try to enter the job market to earn money for them. It then leads to an argument, that it creates problems for the US citizens who also look for a job, so this is one of the major issues related to the illegal immigrants in US. The only argument which supports the deportation of those illegal immigrants is for those people who are involved in criminal activities. These people must certainly not be detained in the country because they do not provide any benefit to the country. Recently lots of illegal immigrants have been deported from the country. (Dow, 2007)

However, those illegal immigrants that have struggled hard for their survival in the country by working hard in their job must be granted ...
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