Immigration And Employment In The United States

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Immigration and Employment in the United States


This research paper aims to discuss the role of undocumented immigrants in the economy of United States. Moreover, it also discusses the effects of hiring undocumented immigrants. The paper also tries to prove how the integrity and ethics of employers are affected by hiring illegal workers to their organizations.

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How undocumented immigrants play a major role in the US economy?4

How the integrity and ethics of the employers are affected by hiring undocumented immigrants?6



Immigration and Employment in the United States


The United States honors itself on being a country of immigrants. The existing representation of undocumented immigrants in the United States is that of a population working in sectors bringing in low-skilled jobs. This conventional vision is reinforced by the frequent images portrayed in the press of the millions of undocumented immigrants who illegally came to the U.S. every year. But in actual fact undocumented workers have played a very significant role in the U.S. economy and all through its history as well. They are having a much greater impact on the United States economy than ever before since their population is increasing every year briskly.


According to a research conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas in 2006, the United States economy would not have bloated up at the rates it has without the help of illegal immigrants. The bank stated that undocumented immigrants benefit the country's economy in three ways; by accepting jobs in areas with limited workforce, by representing an escalating share of the employees and by accepting jobs that native employees do not wish for. (Gathmann, 2008)

How undocumented immigrants play a major role in the US economy?

Undocumented immigrants contribute to the United States economy as consumers, workers and taxpayers. They account for five percent of the total labor force in the United States and no less than a quarter of the human resources in industries like agriculture, construction, textile production, meat processing and grounds keeping. (Borjas, 1999) Majority of undocumented immigrants pay property and sales taxes, and most of them even pay state and federal income taxes also, though they are not entitled for Medicare, social security or the various other programs and hence their tax dollars help fund. Each year billions of dollars are spend by undocumented immigrants, which support the economy of the country and helps in creating new jobs opportunities. According to a study in the year 2006 by the Texas State Comptroller, the 1.4 million illegal immigrants in alone Texas added around $18 billion to the economic output of the state, and paid more than $1.2 billion in state services they utilized by generating approximately $1.6 billion in the new revenues of the state. This study suggested that undocumented immigrants would have contributed even more if they were allowed to earn lawful status since workers who are not the elements of an underground economy do not live in dread of exile or deportation and so are much able to attain new job abilities and elevate the career ...
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