Immigration Reform

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Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform

Majority of the nations residing in US are immigrants, and most of the Americans believe immigration not good for the country. Troubled economy, the end of the Cold War and rising racism aided in reviving an anti-immigrant sentiment amongst the US citizens. This attitude is not new. History reveals that the already citizens always feared new arrivals could threaten their jobs, security, and safety. Regrettably, scapegoating immigrants for economic and other communal woes divert from devising real solutions and obscures immigrant contributions.

Because of the illegal nature of human trafficking, reliable statistics of the trade are not available. This brings us to the most compelling question as to why and what prompts such a large number of women and children to become victims of trafficking process on this planet.

Frustration and deprivation due to social conditions coupled with depression based on circumstances create an urge amongst the people intending immigration to leave home and try their luck in the countries of much higher standards of living - USA, European countries and the Middle East countries.

Child trafficking is as high as that of women, while sexual and economic exploitation, such as prostitution and demand for cheap domestic workers, farm and industrial labour are the most important factors refueling the trade.

Poverty, abuse, lack of basic human rights / facilities, instability both economic and political, and a search for a better quality of life remain to be the main reasons for migration which, in some cases turn out to be trafficking, if the victim falls prey to unscrupulous and unauthorized agents, who not only exploit their subjects but also cause untold miseries to them. And if the victims are caught in transit / in the host country, the national embarrassment to the country of origin is immeasurable.

While affirming the requirement for safe borders, churches and other groups can face misplaced fears and the discrimination they cause. Moreover the 11September incident further threatened the security of US state and citizens. Previously Germans and Irish were reluctant to apply for US. Anti-Catholic movements were prominent in the mid of eighteenth century till the mid of nineteenth century,

Asians were nearly excluded from entering the United States; in the 1920's the entrance of Southern and Eastern Europeans was controlled due to they were notorious for there illegal and wrong activities. Similarly Italians were blamed when polio struck New York City in 1916. And ...
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