Lifting America's Strict Immigration Reform


Lifting America's Strict Immigration Reform


The United States has been called the Nation of Immigrants. Today, however, for many wishing to obtain an entry visa into the country, even as a tourist, not to mention immigration or work in the U.S., requires considerable effort. In America, guaranteed freedom and protection of interests of citizens and immigrants from all over the world who have already entered the United States. This prompted the nation to take action against uncontrolled entry of people from abroad. Some of the control procedures may seem harsh to the applicant for leisure or work in the U.S. if he does not know their causes. Anyone who wants to learn more about the work in the U.S. or a visa should contact the experts in the field of immigration. It depends on the purpose of your trip to the United States - tourism, education, business or work in the United States. If you would like to enter the country to get a job in the U.S. and live in the United States permanently, you need a visa to an immigrant, if only temporarily - nonimmigrant visa.


Non-immigrant visa to the United States intended for tourists, students and people applying for temporary work in the U.S., academics, trainees, artists, businessmen, religious workers and others who wish to enter the country, and who has no intention to stay in America permanently. If you are applying for nonimmigrant visas in the U.S., in most cases you will need to prove that you do not intend to stay permanently assigned to the U.S. or illegal residence in the country, the fact that you have a permanent residence somewhere outside the United States that you will return there after Your sojourn in the country (Daniels). Another important requirement for obtaining a visa in the U.S. - proof of material prosperity. Consular officer for a visa to the United States expects from you the relevant documents - transcripts and the corresponding level of English language, business invitations, documents, etc. Hundreds of U.S. visas are issued every day in American consulates around the world, especially the non-immigrant visas to the United States (Gonzalez). The problem is that immigrant visas in the U.S. are quite stringent, and not everyone who wants to live the country permanently and find work in the U.S. can get a visa immigrant. Therefore, people are asked to temporary non-immigrant visas to the U.S. to enter the United States, and then change it to an immigrant. Therefore, U.S. laws suggest that almost anyone who asks a temporary visa is presumed to be an immigrant. Very often the search for evidence for a visa to the United States is a serious problem, especially for young people, which does not have a stable job, an active business, property or family ties in their own country (Haerens).

There are between 12 and 20 million illegal immigrants in America today. Should they be expelled, given an amnesty, or a means to legalize their status? If some expulsion, while others be legalized? And if some are legalized, would it not encourage more illegal immigration? These are some of the burning issues that we face today (Haugen, Musser & Lovelace)...
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