Impact Of Indian Culture On The Indo-British Cinema

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Impact of Indian Culture on the Indo-British Cinema


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Growth of British Cinema1

Indian Culture3

Indian Film Producers3

Cultural Impact of India on British Movies4


East is East5

West is West6

Bhaji on the Beach6




The research study is based on the cultural impact of India on Indo- British Cinema. The study has taken into account several aspects of the Indian culture that affect the British cinema in different ways. The study has highlighted some great movies made by the Indian British directors. These movies have shown the Indian culture and its impact on the British Indians in one way or the other. The movies of any cinema describe the cultural effects of a certain country. Moreover, it also reflects the historical perspective of the country where the movie has been directed and released (Moran, 2006, Pp. 98).

The aims and objectives of the research study are to analyze the impact of Indian culture on the British Indo cinema, to investigate the tracing the growth of British cinema down the ages, to evaluate cultural impact on the British movies particularly the Indian Cultural impact on the Indo British Cinema, to analyse different movies of British Indo cinema in order to check its impact. There is a great impact of Indian culture on the Indo British cinema as it affects the British movies to greater extent in the present. The research study is based on the impact of Indian culture on the Indo British cinema. The British cinema has been developed to a greater extent. However, it has also been affected by number of other factors (Ghatak, 2000, Pp. 189).

Growth of British Cinema

The growth of British cinema is tremendous and has been earning greater revenues for the past few years. The movies that have been produced in the British society are worthwhile and is presenting outclass entertainment to the people. Some time back, due to the advancement in the technology, people had been started watching movies at home through the box sets or downloading movies. However, in the past year, the attendance at cinema has been increased and hit around 173.5 m while the overall taking of the box office went above £ 1 billion in the United Kingdom and Ireland for the first time. One of the main reasons behind this was the large investment in the British film industry. All the films were mainly produced in the United Kingdom and the number of co-produced movies has been decline to large extent ...
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