Impact Of Internet

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Impact of Internet

Impact of Internet on Academic Study


Internet can be considered as the first thing that humanity has built that humanity does not understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had. These are the words of Eric Schmidt. Internet is something that has revolutionized our life completely. Today, we are living in a world that is altogether computerized and technically updated and where everyone is tech-savvy. In this technologically modernized and the modern world, internet has immense importance. In the long and continuous journey of the invention in the field of technology internet can be considered as the most remarkable and remarkable invention. The development and access to the internet in recent times has grown tremendously and broaden the horizons in which internet can be used. The impact of this invention is also in the education industry. Internet can cause both positive as well as negative impacts on the academic study. The aim and objective of this essay is also to talk about the impact of internet on the academic study and about the relevancy and credibility of the information available on the internet.

Impact of Internet on Academic Study

Students during their academic life make a frequent use of the internet to support their studies and various activities that they undertake during their academic lives. The usage of the internet at different education level among students can be described in a summarized way in the form of the following chart:

This data shows that the usage of internet among students is so common and frequent. The usage of the internet can cause both the negative as well as the positive impact on the academics of a student.

Positive Impact of Internet on Academic Study

The usage of the internet has revolutionized our world. The miracle of the internet can be observed in every filed so, the field of education is also not an exception. The advantages of the usage of the internet can also be observed in the field of education and on the academic life of an individual. The following are the positive impacts of the usage of internet on the academic study.

Provision of Information

Write any single topic on Google and one will get unlimited results about that topic. This is clear and accepted that internet possesses a mammoth amount of data. No matter to which field the student belong to one can find information and data about each and every field. From finance to fashion, from sociology to science, from law to music, from technology to psychology there is not even a single filed about which one cannot find any information on the internet. Online libraries of different universities have additionally added a new and managed dimension regarding the availability of the information. Another factor about the availability of information on the internet is that the data is not restricted. On the internet information and data is available in every form. One can find information on the internet in the form of texts, graphics, charts, pictures, videos and ...
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