Impact Of Internet On Globalization

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Impact of Internet on Globalization

Impact of Internet on Globalization


The modern world is undergoing a period of globalization in all spheres of social life. In this process, the Internet plays a vital role, though its role is particularly sharp and controversial. However, the problem of the influence of the Internet on globalization got little studied. The complexity and diversity of themes requires an analysis of the network, which exacerbated the problems of development in the last decade due to the global impact of economic, political and cultural transformation. Based on a comprehensive approach is necessary to identify and examine trends in the network, in connection with understanding the various phenomena of our time, have influenced the transformation of society. Global informatization develops rapidly and unpredictably, like an avalanche, significantly more than the theoretical understanding of its consequences. The information revolution poses to the world community a lot of questions of social and phlegmatic nature (Giddens ,2000, 8, ).

The study of trends of globalization in the slice network effect is not only important for an adequate understanding of this phenomenon; it also promotes the development of a new outlook and an increment of social knowledge.

Internet is a network which links the places with clearly defined social, cultural, physical and functional characteristics. Some of them - it switches, communications centers, plays a coordinating role for the smooth interaction of the elements that got integrated into the network. Based on these elements provides network communication capabilities of interaction between different individuals, providing a variety of resources and to transfer information to various distances. Internet is rapidly growing with each passing day more and more embedded in the various spheres of activity. It affects daily life: e-commerce, communication, media, etc. Internet comes from a country in the world community, so problems in this country gets reflected in society at large. With the development of globalization, the network undergoes various changes and takes new forms of existence, develops mechanisms for adaptation to crises and social upheavals. The need to consider this phenomenon is due, so the rising tide of globalization, changes in relationships between the various states, changes in fundamental values.


A pivotal feature of contemporary globalization is sustained growth of the new information technologies in society. A special role in this process belongs to the global Internet, which is already widely used in Russian political life as a specific interactive media communication.

The transition to an information society puts a distinctive mark on the structuring of the geographical space - to replace the hierarchy of territories comes the so-called "network organization". According to Manuel Castells, networks are both a means and a result of the globalization of society. Basic contradiction (and hence the driving force behind the development of) the emerging new society based on network structures, is the contradiction between the globalization of the world and identity (identity) of a community. "The new identity, a visionary - Castells stresses - does not come from its former identity of civil society, which characterized ...
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