Impact Of Poverty On Africa

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Impact of Poverty on Africa

Anyanwu, J. & Erhijakpor, A. (2010) Do International Remittances Affect Poverty in Africa? African Development Review, Vol. 22 Issue 1: p. 51-91. Web. 6 Nov. 2011. To begin with the description, Africa is one of the most enriched soils to have existed on the face of the Earth. With the reputation of being the second largest continent in the world (Asia taking the lead in terms of geography), the continent is with an added benefit of the oceanic belts and coastal areas from all four areas of the continent. In addition to this, Africa is comprises of a variety of geographical patterns and structures such as mountains, plateaus, highlands, plains, even famous islands, such as Madagascar (Ayers, pp 54). Ancient African civilizations are critically important since they mark the inception of human existence on planet Earth. In addition to this, fossils, bone fragments extracted and obtained from excavations around Africa have yielded valuable evidentiary support to prove the claim that the lands and plains of Africa mark the inception of all humans and human trees existing today. Although the race of the Egyptians and their impact and influence upon the Western civilizations, it has rather been a bone of contention between the Egyptians and the Africans that who shall succeed in terms of having the crown for human existence (Berlin, pp 1251).

Little, D. & McPeak, J. (2008) Challenging Orthodoxies: Understanding Poverty in Pastoral Areas of East Africa, Development & Change, Vol. 39 Issue 4: p. 587-611. Web. 6 Nov 2011. For Africa, it seems like a distant memory, since poverty has been a significant part of African history. All human societies, both present and past, have been presented and some concrete form of social organization, which in turn covers such areas as psychology, economics, political and above all, cultural. For example, in European societies of the middle Ages we find the establishment as a hierarchical and sorting among different human groups in the same region. Similarly, in contemporary Western societies, we often use the term social class. But worldwide and throughout history, have been listed various types of grouping, sorting, stratification and / or social hierarchy, attending, as I mentioned earlier, economic, political, etc. of the human group or society concerned.

Mbaku, M. (2007) Institutions and Poverty Alleviation in Africa, African & Asian Studies, Vol. 6 Issue 1/2: p. 107-134. Web. 8 Nov. 2011. For most part of Africa's independence and running, the entire international community have struggled and made priceless contributions towards the growth and betterment of the Haitian community in terms of bringing stability within the country. For this purpose, generally the heads of Government and governance are kept in consideration, for only this factor marks the initiation and preamble of the country's development in the future. In order for Africa to make progress, the global society of the world strived long for implementing democracy in the country, however the situation worsened and the country remained stagnant in the name of development. According to health ...
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