Impact Of Stress On College Students

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Impact of Stress on College Students


Stress is basically referred to a negative concept that could harm the mental and physical well being of individuals. Individuals of every age could become victims of stress. In today's era, people have increased pressure of work, which enables them to get stressed and affect their physical and mental condition. People get stressed because of their job related issues, financial issues, family issues, and there are other reasons as well due to which people experience stress. It is very unfortunate to observe that college students are also included in the category of people who experience stress. It is very important to understand that the load of studies and the pressure of parents and teachers to get good grades in examinations enable college students to experience stress. This stress negatively impacts the physical and mental well being of the individuals that affect students in many ways (Levin, pp. 40). This paper will discuss the most significant impacts of stress in college students along with the potential reasons that give arise to stress.

Potential Causes of Stress and their Effect on College Students

It is very obvious that stress is experienced by college students to a great extent because of various issues in their family, society, education and other factors. The most significant causes of stress in college students are discussed as follows.

Academic Stress

The most important cause of stress in college students is the regular pressure of studies that is experienced in college students. The main source of causing this stress among college students is teachers and parents who have high expectations from their students to obtain high scores in examinations. College student have to study hard to get the expected results without taking care of their health. The academic stress also includes difficult class schedules, challenging tests and exams, increased workload. This is the most common cause of stress that occurs in college students.

Social Stress

Social stress is another form of stress that college students experience and this type of stress also impacts the students negatively. College students experience various stresses that are caused by social factors. These social factors include that college students sometimes have to leave their families to reside in hostels away from their houses and families. When students leave their families, they have to communicate with other people at the place they reside. For example, they have to stay with roommates. The stress of coping with new methods and mew people is also included in the social stress factors. Another stress factor under this category includes the pressure of balancing the time available among studies and friends. Another significant source of stress in college students is to tackle and cope with the dynamics of young adult relationship. These are the significant factors among the social stress factors that could have negative impacts on college students and affect their physical and mental well being negatively.

Financial Stress

In today's era, a student does not only have the burden of studies, but is also overburdened by financial ...
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