Implemenation Of The Principles Of The Course In A Ministry

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Implemenation of the Principles Of the Course In a Ministry

Implemenation of the Principles Of the Course In a Ministry

The incorporation of the basic principles and objectives of sustainable development into long-term strategic documents, with emphasis on the assessment of the long-term effects of the implementation of these documents. Short-term political priorities need to be in balance with long-term strategic objectives. Slovakia's strategic documents should include its international commitments related to meeting sustainable development objectives.

The Ministry of Economy is preparing the strategic document "Systemic Structure of Slovakia's National Economic Strategy for 2005-2013", which was discussed, supplemented and approved by the Economic Council of the Government on 28.02.2005 and submitted to the Council of the Government for Sustainable Development on 13.05.2005. It elaborates on the individual priority economic policies for 2005-2013. The principles of sustainable development have been incorporated into the environmental policy, which forms part of it.

The strategic objective of Slovakia's national economic strategy (NES) for 2005-2013 is to "ensure maximum economic growth while maintaining sustainable development".

The systemic structure of the NES for 2005-2013 focuses on the relevant policies affecting the growth of the Slovak economy and is divided into the following sections:

Business environment and relations policy - fiscal policy, monetary policy, business environment policy, environmental policy, information society policy (e-society development policy), electronic communications policy, science and technology policy, regional policy.

policy for the production, distribution and exploitation of resources - human resources policy (social security, healthcare, education and cultural policy), trade policy, transport policy, postal policy, primary industry policy, industrial policy, energy policy, tourism development policy, and agricultural policy (agricultural and food policy and forestry policy).

In accordance with the Government's Policy Statement for the area of tourism, the Ministry of Economy elaborated the "Tourism Development Strategy of the Slovak Republic until 2013"; the issue of sustainable development is part of ...
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