Importance Of Brand Extension Strategies For Organisations: Case Study On Tata Group India

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Importance of Brand Extension Strategies for Organisations: Case Study on Tata Group India



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In this study we try to explore the concept of brand extension in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on important of brand extension strategies in the globalised world. The research also analyzes many aspects of brand extension strategies and tries to gauge its effect on organisations performance. Finally the research describes various factors which are responsible for obtaining success through brand extension and tries to describe the overall effect of brand extension on business. The case of Tata Motors Ltd is used to analyse the importance of brand extension.

Table of Contents


Research Aims and Objectives2

Significance of the Study3

Research Question3

Access and Ethical Considerations4


Globalisation and Its Effects5

Globalisation and Business7

Globalisation and Firm Performance7


Brand extension9

Perceived fit by the consumer10

The Coherence Issue in Brand Extension12

Coherence between Categories12

The Coherence between New Product and Brand17

Pros and cons of brand extension strategies20

TML's Prominent Strategic Business Units (Sbus)23

Tata Motors Limited25


Research Design26

Research Technique and Process27

Pros and cons of chosen methodology29

Instrument Design31


Pilot Questionnaire31


A New Playing Field32

Strategic Alliances33

Brand Image & Marketing34

Interview Result34



Chapter 1: Introduction

Looking at how globalisation and factors associated with it have changed most strategies which organisations follow it is imperative that the likelihood of product related strategies is the most prominent one that is being focused on as it signifies the success associated with organisations. Fiore (2003), mentions that the products or services which are made by organisations and the success attributed to these are important in terms of ensuring that organisations sustain and survive effectively in the market, also launching new ones as per the trends which exist in the market enables organisations to grow and increase their market share. Above we have so far discussed how important is design and implementation of most strategies related to products and services delivered by organisations, Kurtz et al. (2009), mentions that firms adopt different product development and strategies related to their launch as per the situation in the market, in particular apart from development and launch creating initial strategies about how the product will be launched is essential, criteria's like whether it will be launched as just another product, or whether it will be launched as a new brand or an extension of a new brand need to be determined beforehand in order to ensure success. In the above sections we have looked into how ...
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