Important Experiences Of Initiation

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A memory of important experiences of initiation

A memory of important experiences of initiation

In life every individual may have either a good or a bad experience that might become memorable or unforgettable; I also had an experience that I will never forget in this life. This experience has changed my life and I have the same remembrance of this experience in my memory that this has occurred recently (Cox, 2005).

When I was 11 years old, I went to visit my village that is traditional and away from the main city. During that phase, the village was on the brink of development; as electricity services had just started and construction of the roads was planned for future. Since, my house was away from the area where electricity was provided, so we had to light kerosene lamps at night.

Like every other child of the village, I used to take our cattle in the morning with a stick and a feed tray that were made of bamboo. Since we did not have enough land, we had to go to others land, in order to collect feed for animals. I was very happy with the routine of my life and I actually used to enjoy these things. That was the real fun I was experiencing and keep enjoying every moment in the village with my friends and cousins.

One day, when I went with my cousin secretly to Dhorji. There we saw an entire area covered with tall corns. Those corn stalks were more than 7 feet high; due to which no one could see us. We were scared because if the owner had seen us, they would have started throwing stones at us. Therefore, we started to cut the corn stalks as quickly as possible. I was feeling adventurous because ...
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