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Improve Search Skills

Improve Search Skills


There is more to searching the Internet than simply entering a couple of terms into the text box of your favourite search engine. Consider that most of the information on the Internet can't be located by mainstream search engines, even by using their advanced or specialized interfaces.

Also, the main problem is often not so much finding the information as it is how to filter through it, organize it, and share it with others.


Give in to Google

Some website search functions are lousy. So let Google take over. Example: If you're searching for green initiatives at the White House, search “green” You'll get results exclusively from within the site.

Know what to eliminate

If you don't want a particular word to appear in your search results, use a minus sign right before that word. So, if you're travelling to Paris but you're not interested in Paris Hilton or Paris, Texas, type “Paris -Hilton -Texas.”

Narrow your sites

Say you want to read up on the economic stimulus but avoid news stories and commentary from bloggers. Search and your results will include content only from sites that end in .gov.

Go public

A new Google tool delivers data from the Bureau of Labour Statistics and the Census Bureau. In the Google search bar, type “unemployment rate” or “population” followed by a state or county. You get the most recent estimates, with an interactive chart.

Match an image

Google's new “similar images” search is in Google Labs mode, which means it's a prototype. Google describes the function as allowing you to “refine your image search with visual similarity.” Example: Search Similar Images for “Yankees logo.” What do you get? Anything with a Yankees emblem.

Know the super shortcuts.

On its “Improve Your Search Experience” page, Google provides a bunch of tips. A few that we found most useful:

- Definitions: Type in “define” followed by a word, and Google gives definitions from a variety of sources.

- Calculations: Google calculates and converts currencies. Type your equation or conversion into the search bar.

Keep tabs on a topic

Personalize your Google News page by clicking “Personalize this page.” Sci/Tech and Business interest you most? Drag those icons to the top. Don't care about sports? Delete that category. To keep tabs on news in your neighbourhood, set up regional news. Or create a new category with a keyword.

Search the past

Google has been working with newspapers to digitize historical content and make it searchable. Not all of the content in Google News Archives is free — but if you want just the free results,

Google on the go

You don't have to be out of the loop if you don't have a BlackBerry (RIMM) or iPhone (AAPL). Need directions? Call 1-800-GOOG-411 or text 46645 with a question.

Get a tip a day

If you're already a Google pro, add Tip of the Day to Google, your personalized page.

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