Improving Communications Skills

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Improving Communications Skills

Improving communications skills

Problem Statement

First of all, the research discussed also indicates that the individuals within the family as well as the relationships among family members affect other family members as well as other relationships, as well as the system in its entirety.

For example, the state of the marital relationship conflicted or non-conflicted, stable or divorced affects parent child interaction (e.g., Jouriles et al., 2001), which in turn affects the marital relationship. This link is particularly effective in illustrating the circularity that is at the very foundation of systems perspectives. Similarly, the research described that the sibling subsystem both affects, and is affected by, the individual parents and the marital subsystem.

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to shows that considerable research has been devoted to forms of communication between parents and children. Several studies have reported that youth from families with frequent, open (bidirectional), and positive communication are less likely to become involved with drugs.


Although there are no magic answers to these questions, almost all experts agree on the general outlines. The first task, they say, is to love your child and to surround him or her with a challenging environment that stimulates curiosity. The second task, flowing with and out of the first, is to select a good school and to participate actively in his or her school life.

The third task, which is usually neglected and which is the focus of this paper, is to take advantage of the events sponsored by museums, libraries and other educational institutions that can be found in almost every community to minimize communication gap.

Nearly every mid-sized city and town sponsors events geared to children many of them free of charge. Your local newspaper is a good source of information on how to locate events sponsored by community libraries and history, art and science museums. And since children, like most people, are often hesitant about trying new things, experts say parents should be patient as they guide their youngsters towards new experiences.

When children feel valued, says project director for the National Black Child Developmental Institute's Parenting Empowerment Project, they are more likely to welcome new experiences assured that a loving; supportive parent will be there to cheer their successes and to back them up when their attempts fail. And the more often children are exposed during childhood, the more prepared they will be to choose one of the many adult vocations available to them. Children have to really feel good about them.

Parents can be supportive by encouraging their child's natural curiosity. This is what parents must attempt to do when any of their children expresses an interest in a given subject. If the kids show an interest in playwriting, animals, music or whatever, parents try to compliment their curiosity by providing them with [related] experiences. This would be very helpful to understand the child's desire and his thinking towards any area of interest

Providing children with experiences related to their expressed curiosities ...
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