Management And Business Communication Skills

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Management and Business Communication Skills


Communication is an essential function of an enterprise. Whether oral or written, it is the conduit through which an enterprise speaks to its customers. It is management's mechanism for influencing employees and directing the work they do. It is the means through which employees provide information and feedback that management needs to make wise decisions. An organization that is clear, consistent and effective in its communication with customers, employees, shareholders, creditors, and the community is in a good position to establish trust and to elicit their collaboration.

Business communication is known simply as "Contact.” It covers many topics including marketing, branding, customer relations, consumer behavior, advertising, public relations, business communications, community involvement, research and measurement, reputation management, interpersonal communication, commitment employees, online communication and event management. This is closely related to the field of professional connection and technical communication.

Business communication plays a vital role in especially at work, since in an organization, reputation and trust should be constructed in a way to maintain confidence of the customers. The occurrence of a sense of professionalism will bring numerous organizations, particularly in long-run connections with employees and customers. It is essential to double-check that effective communication exists between all the functional areas of the business enterprise. This will assist the business in being coordinated with every individual, despite if there is a difficulty, inquiry or sales note which has not been finished on time. This is done to balance the factors both internal and external, and also to improve the flow of communication within the organization. Business communication plays a vital role as it incorporates the above mentioned details; thus it also helps us manage our work on a daily basis. There are various forms of business communication, and every organization uses its own methods to communicate within the organization, theses examples may includes, email, letters, teleconferencing and many others.


The effective communication is “relevant information that conveys to the concern people in a style and forms that are visibly and clearly understand to the concern people at the right time”. He emphasizes that communication is a vital process in organizational setting and plays role as a key element to motivate employees. Communication should be two-way process, when employee feels that they are involved in the decision making of the organization then they try to be positive and more devoted to the firm.

Strategies for improving the effectiveness of Written Communication

A mere smile is a positive gesture that reflects optimism and invites people into the circle. Good mannerisms; say thank you, be respectful and appreciative of other's efforts. A clear gesture can send an encouraging message. Listen and pay attention to what is going on in the environment. Listen to what is being said, not just the words being stated. Paying attention to behaviors provide considerable insight to what's happening and what the causes or motivations are to the actions occurring. Be willing to get involved reducing conflicts, changing a negative into a positive. Bring people together by sharing similarities and ...
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