Increasing The Motivation To Practice Safer Sex Through Imagery

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Increasing the Motivation to Practice Safer Sex through Imagery

Table of Contents


Purpose of Study3

Aims and Objectives3


Problem Statement4

Literature Review5

Emerging Infectious Diseases5

The Stigma and Taboos6

Changes in Sexual Behaviour Reduced By 50% Aids7

Risk Factors8

Motivation to Practice Safer Sex9

The Importance of Condom9

Research Methodology11

The Research Plan11

Research Design11

Literature Search12

Research Strategy13

Time Scale15


Increasing the Motivation to Practice Safer Sex through Imagery


Human behavior is influenced by numerous factors that direct the attention and responses of an individual. Cultural differences, societal norms, and upbringing of a person define the attitude of a person towards particular set of stimulus. Sexuality is also one of the concepts for which different people hold different views. Role of media and culture is very crucial in influencing the people behavior and attitude towards the concept. Great variation has been seen in the mindset of people towards sexuality. Messages surrounding the sexuality concept differ greatly in Western countries from Asian countries. This paper will look at different concepts of sexuality and the behavior of people in adopting and motivating oneself in order to practise safer sex with the intention to be safe from the sexually trasmitted diseases.

Purpose of Study

The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the behavior of the people and determine the learning and motivation to practice safer sex. The purpose is also to find the role of the medium through which people adopt the change in their practices.

Aims and Objectives

This study addresses the following objectives:

To analyze the behavior of the people and determine the learning and motivation to practice safer sex.


People practise safe sex, in order to stand out of the sexually transmitted diseases, because of the sex education in the school curriculum and distribution of condoms in schools.

Problem Statement

This paper describes the element the sexually transmitted diseases and the precautions of being motivated to use precautionary elements to have a safe sex.

Literature Review

Emerging Infectious Diseases

While the world continues to make way for progress, constant development and expansion, it becomes relatively difficult for keeping track for the kind of problems and stressors that humans face in the area of healthcare and disease, which coils them every now and then. Although ample research has undertaken for identifying and resolving the otherwise diseases experienced by individuals, a lot of people till date still become prey to emerging infectious diseases.

An emerging infectious disease implies an event, a phenomenon, which has been identified as a life-threatening event, which has been discovered in previous times and pertains to be amongst the biggest and deadliest triggers to come in the near future. The disease, generally of this notion, stem from a new form or novel concept of microorganisms, that have not been cured and which shall require lengthy investigations and long-term analysis for its treatment and cure (Barnett & Whiteside, 2003).

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS AIDS in Castilian and English) is a sexually transmitted disease that is mostly due to a mutation or change in a virus itself a kind of African monkey, who became human blood and there has adapted and ...
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