Indira Gandhi Personality Traits

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This item explores the connection between Indira Gandhi's personality profile in the time span before she became Prime Minister and her authority method throughout the time she was major Minister. The equipment for assessing the character profile was amassed and acclimatized from criteria for normal character types and pathological variants. Gandhi appears as a multifaceted individual with four of her character scales—the Ambitious, the Reticent, the Contentious, and the Dominating—approaching the grade of mildly dysfunctional. A psychodynamic interpretation for these patterns was then offered. This study furthermore developed equipment for assessing authority styles in a cabinet scheme of government and postulated the theoretical links between character patterns and authority style profiles.


Indira Gandhi's basic desires, standards, and orientation in the direction of life are symbolized by the four astrological elements. Each individual has their own exclusive balance of these four rudimentary energies: blaze (warmth, inspiration, enthusiasm), earth (practicality, realism, material interests), air (social and intellectual qualities), and water (emotional needs and feelings). (Kara?a 12)

When the undertakings of Pakistan heightened and impersonated a serious challenge to the harmony and integrity of the homeland, she did not indulge in political speeches or politicization of the issue. Instead, she ripped apart Pakistan in Pakistan and Bangladesh and inflicted an unforgettable assault to Pakistan. Dominating principle of USA, teasing of Pakistan or encroachment of ceramic not anything worked before her. She was Indira Gandhi the nationalist. (Belovski 236)

Gandhi's "elemental make-up" is recounted below. Remember that most persons are "unbalanced" or lopsided, and if Indira is lacking or deficient in a certain component (or elements), it simply means that she desires to consciously develop that specific facet in alignment is to realize and/or work harder in that dimension of life. (Kara?a 12)

She moved ahead with azure celebrity procedure in the national interest. After the ...
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