Individual: My Personal Classroom Management Plan

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Individual: My Personal Classroom Management Plan

Individual: My Personal Classroom Management Plan


An effective learning classroom management plan is one which connects the teachers with the students. It centers itself on the teacher's presentation in front of the students and the learning environment that is provided to the students. The aim of the classroom management plan must be to present a teacher as a capable instructor in front of the students and their parents in a well-designed conducive learning environment (Kapoh, n.d).Teaching at the elementary level requires a lot of challenges and demands to be met. The teachers must know the content and meet the needs of the students. Teachers must use different strategies to boost a student in achieving his educational goals. The teacher has to develop positive relationships with her student. Teaching is a complex profession and requires careful planning. Teachers have to try for winning the hearts of the students while they are trying to explore the heads of the students. The winning situation is achieved once the teacher has developed a positive relationship with the student through effective interactions and classroom management strategies. This paper discusses a classroom management plan for elementary students.


Classroom management plan requires a good control over teaching strategies. An effective classroom management plan is one which addresses the needs of both the students and teachers. As the teacher and the student have to work together for bringing about successful outcomes, the management plan has to be designed in such a way that helps a teacher in developing a positive relationship with the student for effectively imparting the bag of knowledge and education to the students. On the very first day, the students must know from the teacher's portrayal of herself that she is had a purpose which revolves around the student excelling in their academic careers. This environment of confidence on the teacher can be created through comprehensive classroom planning (Cherrietgee, n.d). When the student is confident that his teacher will provide him with the best of knowledge and education, he is motivated to learn in the class and makes prompt efforts in order to be the teacher's favorite.

The plan must have simple components that guide the students in understanding themselves, developing a feeling of achievement and starting their journey of becoming thinkers and innovative decisions makers of future using their abilities and talents. It is the duty of a teacher to manage and control all aspects of a class which includes, making children participative and keeping them engaged in the class room activities and maintaining the discipline of the class (Kapoh, n.d).

Teacher presentation

To maintain an effective classroom, it is must that the teacher is prepared for the class at the beginning of the day. The classroom work and the home work are all organized and prepared. It also creates a favorable impression if the teacher is there to greet the students before they enter the classroom. Welcoming the students' signals that the teacher is well-prepared for the day and is ready to take charge ...
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