Ineffective Management

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Ineffective Management

Ineffective Management


“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” -John C. Maxwell

A business is a living, breathing vessel; an entity as flawed and humanistic as the individuals who drive it. In order for the professional archetype to flourish, a competent system of authority must exist at its core; adept management methods are of utmost importance within any professional arena. Poor regulatory practices by a managerial body have proven to be exceedingly detrimental for its company. Ineffective management has the potential to create a hostile work environment, prevent business from carrying out its intended goals, and eventually cause ultimate failure.

The medical realm is one that relies heavily on the abilities of administrative staff support, particularly in areas that require patients to be seen regularly, such as dentistry. While the average American visits their dentist every six months, orthodontic patients must be examined even more often than that. Employees at an orthodontist office must establish an exceptionally solid rapport with clientele due to their frequent interactions with them. Rapid appointment scheduling, rectifying unforeseen orthodontia complications and complex insurance/payment dilemmas are among the plethora of staff-patient issues that commonly arise. However, the ability for personnel to adequately deal with the aforementioned relies heavily on those that set precedent and oversee office activity on a daily basis; the management. How can an orthodontic employee be expected to correctly perform their duties without proficient backing? Support through operative positions is especially crucial to be successful in a field as patient-oriented as orthodontistry. Workers must receive the “in-house” organization and guidance required to care for patients; if management fails to effectively serve its purpose, the practice will undoubtedly collapse.

I am currently a receptionist at Hopewell Orthodontics, a small family-oriented office located in suburban Hopewell Junction, NY. Despite a reputation for excellence in orthodontistry itself, the office has fallen victim to an ineffective management model. The executive shortcomings of the Doctor, as well as Office Manager, and Human Resource Manager, have been triggering multitudes of difficulties throughout the duration of my employment. For example, the Doctor immigrated to the United States from Korea in 1989. From time to time, he has allowed cultural differences, particularly an Eastern-born instinct to look down upon women as the lesser sex, to sour relations with his entirely female staff. As the Doctor is Hopewell Orthodontic's “head honcho,” I strongly feel that it his responsibility to encourage good-natured connections amongst us all, not impede them. Irresponsible monetary allocation and failure to uphold a specific set of office policies are additional challenges we've come to face. Economical recklessness, miscommunication, and clerical indolence endlessly plague Hopewell Orthodontics, all of which are resulting from poor quality management.

It is imperative that our professional glitches be dealt with as swiftly and effectually as possible. Not only have these matters generated a discouraging work setting for employees, but they have also begun to take a toll on those we treat. Our patients rightfully anticipate a smooth, pleasant experience at ...
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