Ineffective Work Processes

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Ineffective Work Processes


In this study we try to explore the concept of an ineffective work process that is related to the cross cultural communication in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on cross cultural communication and its relation with the impact that it causes on the development of employees and organization. The research also analyzes many aspects of cross cultural communication and tries to present significant literature about the issue. After discussing the issue in great detail in the final part of the paper it gives recommendations in order to deal with the issue of cross cultural communication.

Ineffective Work Processes (Communication Process)


“Culture is the framework in which we communicate”

This suggests that various factors give rise to the problem of cross-cultural communication. These factors include: language, environment, technology, social organization, the perception of authority and non-verbal communications. Having the ability to assess these variables is vital in ensuring for managers to convey messages and conduct business across a wide range of cultures. This paper addresses the issue of cross cultural communication as this is the core issue in my organization. The reason to cover this topic is that this is an important topic. An organization can function in a smooth way if the communication process takes place in an efficient way. The discussion of the paper shows possible solutions to combat this problem which would be beneficial for the organization and would improve the communication process of the organization. The reason why I want to write about this topic in this assignment is that I would be able to describe this issue well because this is something that I and my colleagues face. This would also allow me to contribute my part in the organization to bring improvement.


The organization that I selected to perform this assignment is my own organization where I work. It is a public organization that works to improve the life of children. The ambition of this organization is to improve the life of children by providing them aid so that they can combat with the issues of poverty, they provide them shelter and guidance on how they can protect themselves from different sorts of abuses and they make provisions so that each child can get access to quality education and health care facility. Their aim is to serve for the betterment of lives of children without any discrimination; they serve at federal, states, at the level of communities and at international levels also.

Role of Managers in My Organization

In an organization different managers perform different roles in separate departments of the organization. From monitoring to leading and from leading to organizing managers play significant role in an organization. Typical roles of managers can be described in a summarized form as follows:

Similarly, in my organization, managers in different department play different roles. First of all it is significant to understand and to give a brief picture of different departments and managers of my organization. This can be described in a summarized way ...
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