Infopreneur And Entrepreneur

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Infopreneur and Entrepreneur

Infopreneur and Entrepreneur


Yes it's true that an Infopreneur is just an Entrepreneur exploiting a new environment. Both the infopreneur and entrepreneur takes advantage of the new opportunities and excels through taking risks and by adopting new innovative, ideas and practices. On the other hand, there are some differences in practical functioning of infopreneurs and entrepreneurs. Infopreneuers exploit the new business opportunities through offering the online products and services over the internet. While, the entrepreneurs are the risk takers who can be the owner or manger of a business enterprise. Therefore, the entrepreneur demonstrates the various visionary and leadership qualities through management skills and attributes.

Entrepreneurship is a dynamic process by which people discover businesses continuously and act accordingly, inventing, producing and selling goods and services. Both in infopreneuership and entrepreneurship the intrinsic qualities are confidence, risk taking ability and dedication.



The goal of both the infopreneur and entrepreneur is to maximize the profit through practicing the new innovative ideas. They are highly capable in implementing the creative ideas and are visionary.

Infopreneurs exploit the new business opportunities through selling the valuable services over the internet. They are typically involved in the selling of valuable information online in the form of books, e-books, audio and video products. They take advantage of state of the art marketing practices and believe in catering the huge base of customers (Waldinger 1990, pp. 13).

To become an infopreneur, no abundant financial capital is needed only capital required is the intellectual capital needed to innovate and take advantage of new technologies. Similarly, there is no requirement for searching any employee; in fact, you can have online contracts that help to give you all the necessary knowledge, skills, and techniques. Another benefit of being an infopreneur is that a person can start its business in free time and slowly build it while understanding more about how the system works. At the beginning of the process, however, it is very hard to make sure that the implemented ideas over the internet might be successful. So, a person can start its journey by developing a platform for himself and having discussions with the prominent examples. For example, the infopreneur publishing becomes much easier when there is a guarantee that there is a massive audience for the published items. This is the reason why the best-selling author is confident about their sales even before getting their books published.

Information products are the main source of revenue generation, and the new online business opportunities has made easy for everyone to become an infopreneur. Since starting and investing in any business involves the various risks such as financial, legal, technical, political, social, cultural etc. but in case of infopreneur, the risk levels are at minimal. The reason is that the infopreneurs had ample freedom of working for its own reasons. Infopreneurs need not worry about the massive financial losses, bright future. The cost of winding up the operations is negligible. The infopreneurs thought process is triggered by environmental changes of a new product or ...
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