Information And Communication Technology

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Information and Communication Technology

Table of Content

Chapter 1 Design and Implementation4

1.1System framework4

Figure 1 Resources Integrations in the proposal system6

Figure 2 Clinical & Teaching web based collaborative application overview7

1.1Software Requirements7

1.1.1Functional Requirements:7

1.1.2Non Functional Requirements9

1.2System scenario - USE CASE10

1.3User requirements13

1.3.1User related13




1.4System Requirements14


1.4.2Web Based application14

1.4.3Synchrouns and Asynchrnouns connection14

1.4.4Open source15

1.5System Architecture16

1.6Unethical behavior among e-medicine practitioners17

1.7Accuracy and reliability concerns19

1.8Impacts of unreliable medical information22

1.9Confidentiality controls: dealing with sensitive medical and personal information23

1.10Privacy issues in electronic tracking25

1.11Data security and threats28

1.12Secure e-medical information as an essential outcome29

1.13Desired outcomes: consumer trust and loyalty32

1.14Strategic implications33


1.16Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education39

1.17Importance of ICT in Education40

1.18How ICT could Improve Student's Achievement41

1.19The Role of Policy Makers in Improving the Situation of ICT43

1.20The Role of Teacher Training To Use ICT46

Chapter 2 Methodology for Analysing and Evaluating Web Based Collaborative Application50

2.1The framework of investigation: Planning the tests50

2.1.1Stage 1: Designing a test51

2.1.2Stage 2: Determining a potential test team53

2.1.3Stage 3: Budgeting54

2.1.4Stage 5: Conducting a pilot study54

2.2The framework of investigation: executing the tests55

2.2.1Participant requirements55

2.2.2Write test scenario55

2.2.3Execution of the test56

2.3Analysis of the test survey56

2.3.1Analysis of the pre test survey56

Diagram for the Figures58

2.3.2Analysis of the post test survey59

2.4Technical testing59

2.4.1Barriers in using ICT and their Solution59

2.5Implementation of ICT62

2.6Role of ICT Coordinator64


Design and Implementation

This chapter will provide methodology for solving the problems in the previous chapter. A web based collaborative medical application is the optimal solution for the current problem. The first section of this chapter is going to state the proposed system framework. The second section will describe the system requirement then system deign and Implementation.

System framework

A survey had been done to the physicians, postgraduate medical students, lecturers and health worker staff such as doctors and specialists in different hospitals, teaching hospitals and universities inside and outside Iraq to investigate about the current collaboration in clinical and teaching systems as it is going to be as an example for the collaboration in the developing countries.

The data were collected using different methods, on-line and offline surveying tools. Chapter four has the questionnaire and the pre and post testing survey details and tools.

After analysing the survey results, it illustrates how the clinical and teaching systems in the developing countries were isolated from any collaboration between various institutions. Currently, the collaboration between institutions is completed physically in the same place which is not always possible or practical for the healthcare workers and students.

The result of the survey illustrates different issues as shown below:

There is not any electronic collaboration between universities, teaching hospitals and any other institutions for clinical and teaching purposes while it is crucial.

Most participants criticize the quality of the internet connection that is not always available. In addition to that it is not widely distributed and the connection speed is slow which limited the users from retrieving large datasets and documents.

Issues with electricity, as it is not always available and a power outage could happen any time.

There is a digital divide while using ICT tools

In addition to other factors need to be considered while proposing the new system.

Since there is a big integration between healthcare and education system ...
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