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Strategic Information2

Strategic Information Needs of Gucci2

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Information and knowledge management is one of the most important needs of all types of organizations in this global world. Information management can be defined as the collection, communication and analysis of the information of an organization. This information is needed by the mangers to make the right decision. Knowledge management includes all the processes and strategies which are identify, capture, leverage, value and share the intellectual assets of an organization. It is designed to enhance the competitiveness and performance of the organization ( The company that I have selected for this assignment is Gucci.

The house of Gucci, or simply Gucci is an Italian leather good s and fashion house. It is a part of the Gucci Group, which is a subsidiary of a French Company Pinault-Printemps-Redoute (PPR). The company is a multinational with the distribution network in around 120 countries of the world. It was founded by François Pinault in the year 1963. Gucci was founded in Florence in the year 1921. The name of the founder of the company is Guccio Gucci. Gucci was acquired by PPR in the year 1999 ( Gucci wants to become the leader of the luxury market at an international level. This can be done by putting into effect and maintaining the main goals this company has. The main goals that Gucci is pursuing are, coordinating a global and standard planning process, reducing global complexity, reducing business risks and improving system accuracy. The target customers of Gucci are the people who fall in to the category of middle age, high status, high income and businessman. There are many loyal customers of Gucci all around the world. The main markets for Gucci's products are Europe, Australia, Asia Pacific, U.S., Singapore, Japan, Switzerland and Hong Kong. It believes on its mission statement that its customers will remember the quality of Gucci's products long after they have forgotten the price they paid for the product. The main competitors of Gucci are Versace, Armani, Prada, Moschino and Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Burberry, Dior and many more.

This report is written to analyze the information and knowledge management of Gucci and its effect on the organization.


Strategic Information

Strategic information and its management is one of the prime things to accomplish in the global market. As the world has turned into a global village, the managing information has become an agent to increase the global competitiveness of the company. The paradigm of strategic planning and management has changed after the inclusion of processes of information and technology in the business world. All the companies in the world now need to keep the databases of several things. Entire businesses run today with the help of these data bases. With a company as big as Gucci, the maintenance and update of the data bases becomes even more crucial.

Strategic Information Needs of Gucci

Gucci is a ...
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