Information Systems

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Information Systems

Information Systems

Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT) have changed the way organizations operate today. Through its use Significant improvements are achieved by automating business processes, provide a platform for information needed for decision making and, most importantly, its implementation achieves competitive advantage or reduce the advantage of rivals.

With the aim of clarifying some of the most common questions about the integrated business management systems, we considered a number of questions:

What is the current situation in relation to business management systems?

This is an interesting question. Until recently computer systems were restricted to large enterprises and guaranteed a huge competitive advantage over the competition. Over time, new technologies were introduced, took control systems all operations in an integrated manner, they became cheaper and thus it was for a small sector became a requirement for any business. In a competitive market and today's demanding, it is virtually impossible for a company to grow and survive without a management system.

So today is impossible to have a company without a management system?

That varies greatly, depending on the activity and size of the company. If the company is small mu for example, processes are very simple, and can survive without computerization, although this requires a manual effort and have taken some important decisions intuitively, due to lack of information. Now try to imagine a company a little more complex, with many partners, without a computerized system, trying to compete with a company of the same segment, but that has ERP, CRM and BI (Business Intelligence). No prizes for guessing who will have products and services on a larger scale, with lower prices and better quality, and accurate information about the market and the business itself, enabling faster and smarter decisions.

What does the acronym ERP, CRM, BI?

Previously, computer ...
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