Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

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Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign Plan

Executive Summary

The current paper presents the integrated marketing communication campaign that has been designed for the upcoming Sports Day in the University in February 2013. It elaborates upon the marketing strategies and the communication plan that will be conducted by the University in oredr to arrange the event. The main purpose behind holding this recreational activity is to foster the idea of playing sports and other championships in oredr to provide both, academic and physical development to the students. Moreover, the situational analysis present that, by holding this event, the University will be able to establish good public relation networks and form a diverse student and customer base.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary2

Situational Analysis (SWOT)4





Target Audiences5

Objectives of Marketing Campaign ('SMART')6

Key Message6

Marketing Strategies6


Public Relations11

Media Relations11

Personal selling11


Budget and Timeline13

Evaluating Campaign Success13


Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign Plan

The sports days and other recreational events are normally held in the academic institutions and colleges in order to provide students a platform for amusement and recreation in the best possible manner. Similarly, to achieve this purpose, the University is planning to host a Sports Open Day on 2 February 2013. The venue for the event will be the Science Centre sports hall. The purpose of the event is to showcase a variety of sports fostered within the university and showcase the teams that compete in the British Universities & Colleges Sport events throughout the academic year. The event aims to celebrate our teams' achievements and inspire the local youth to become more active in sports and recreation.

An integrated marketing communication campaign has been launched for encouraging the students and faculty to participate in the upcoming event. This plan will entail a SWOT Analysis, PEST Analysis and certain other features of the marketing communication in oredr to make students aware of its significance.

Situational Analysis

A SWOT analysis has been conducted in oredr to assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the IMC designed for the upcoming Sports event. The situation analysis is provided as follows:


The event will create an awareness and enhanced relations amongst the students as well as the faculty members.

The students and faculty foster communication an understanding amongst each other by involving in recreational activities equally.

The general public, that has come to attend the event, gets an opportunity to experience the facilities and recreation provided at the university.

Further innovations are made at the campus in oredr to make the event memorable (Bossidy & Charan, 2002: 14).

The participants get to build a team spirit amongst them.

The university will be able to market its brand and build more relations with public.


Huge costs may be incurred on setting up the recreation event and establishing infrastructure for it.

The University may have to generate more funding through finding sponsors and companies that can assist in the arrangement of the sports event.

Such sports events are normally not attended by many people unless they have implemented a strong advertisement plan (Duncan, 1996, 34)

Lack of interest shown by the local youth to participate in ...
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