Integrated Marketing Communication

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Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign for HTC

Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign for HTC


Integrated Marketing Communications is the concept of using four Integrated Marketing Communications based on common goals. According to the American Association of Advertising Agencies, Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign is a concept of Integrated Marketing Communications planning, originating from the need to assess the strategic importance of their individual areas of advertising, sales promotion, PR, etc. There are set rules and procedures that actually draft the communication strategy. It then depends on the company as how they mould that draft according to their product range. It has been contended that incorporated trading communications is at its infancy and that whereas the standard of incorporated trading communications is advised by numerous as mature, numerous contend that integration is hard to accomplish in practice (Wienclaw, 2008). In From the considerations overhead, I proposed to present a clear image of incorporated trading communications and its advantages and the obstacles to its thriving practice. I accept as factual that integration is achievable and the case study underneath will be utilised to substantiate my argument.

This paper aims to analyze the Integrated Marketing Communication campaign of HTC with regard to the organization's plan to enter a new but very competitive market such as Russia.

The marketing communications mix is made up of personal selling, a range of conventional advertising media and a range of non-media communication tools. The conventional media tools, which involve 'renting' space on television, newspapers, posters, radio etc. are referred to as 'above-the-line' promotional techniques. Other marketing communications techniques, such as sales promotion, sponsorship and exhibitions do not involve the commissioning of space or air-time in or on conventional media.

Overview of the Proposition of Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign Project

HTC has been ranked as the second best performing company in Asia by Business Week as well as also ranked number third in the global listing HTC mobile company produces powerful sets that actually cross technological boarders. HTC has proven itself as one of the most remarkable companies over the past years, and they have frown with the pace (Stuart & Kerr, 1999). HTC has brought products in the market along with the OEM. HTC is known for its innovation, and they have continuously been increasing the horizon of their products. The company is ambitious to its increase the capabilities of Smart phone technology. Ever since its establishment the company has had a strong Research and Development area. HTC's product range offers easy-to-use solutions with wireless Internet availability anywhere anytime. It products offer the entire range of mobile multimedia resources. The company has produced dozens of HTC branded products all across the globe, has had a good reputation in the past in this industry.

The communication actions, when focused, directed to the relevant public and worked in synergy depending on tools to apply in each case, become a crucial weapon to conquer the hearts and minds of current and potential customers (Allan, 2010). Thus, then think in a mix of integrated marketing communications is elementary ...
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